Digital Citizenship

The 9 Themes

Online Security

Online Security is a topic that many people look past but don't realize how important it is. If you are a person that constantly puts your information online, than you must rethink it. If you are a digital citizen you know the rights and responsibilities that comes with the internet. But many people don't abide by those rules and responsibilities, and that can affect how your online experience is. Many people can hack into computers and steal info that you've put into websites, which is a big problem because some information may contain credit card info, billing address, personal info etc. One way to protect yourself is to know that when someone disobeys digital law, that it is a crime and you are able to notify your local police station that you may be victim of digital crime. I am teaching you this today because it is my job as a digital citizen to inform others that online security is very important. Now your job is to also inform others through the use of technology about how people online can affect you if you don't know the basics of online security. And remember make sure you leave a positive track on the internet by not disrupting other people's online experience.
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