Strength of Will

People who work hard for what they want

Keevan and Bertelli

In the story “The Smallest DragonBoy” By Anne McCaffrey there are two main characters two boys named Keevan Bertelli. Keevan is more of a courteous, hardworking, and wise boy. Bertelli is selfish, ignorant, and insulting boy. Bertelli is a bully because he tries to bring Keevan down while Keevan is a generally inviting person and works hard for what he wants to achieve. Keevan shows his strength of will when he decides to work two times harder than all of the other boys to prove himself. Bertelli has no strength of will of any sort because he doesn’t work hard for anything he just finds other ways around the work rather than doing the work. However Bertelli and Keevan will work to become a dragon rider. They are alike because they both want to adopt a dragon but Keevan works a lot harder for one than Bertelli. As well as wanting to be a great dragon rider. Keevan and Bertelli are alike in several ways but on the other hand they differ in many more ways.

The Fight For Good

In the story “Eleanor Roosevelt” by Jay Jacobs Eleanor decided to start to practicing politics.. The effects of working hard are significant because it shows you are willing to use what you have to make a change for others. One effect of working hard is changing others lives. While Eleanor’s husband Franklin Roosevelt was President she encouraged him to make new laws:

to get children out of child labor and into schools, to cut down of the long hours women worked, and to get fair wages for all employees. She succeeded in getting Franklin to finalize these laws. She gave the citizens of the united states hope because of the programs and laws she helped change. Because of these outcomes, it is important that people always try their hardest on the things they believe will do good in the world.

Try, Try Again

All Over Again

In the book “ A Time to Dance” by Padma Venkatraman a girl named Veda was a really good dancer and she absolutely loved dancing. After coming home from a competition and the driver was going kind of fast and someone had run into the van they were in. This accident caused Veda to have her right leg below the knee amputated. She thought her dancing was going to be ok at her dance studio she went to and that she could gain her dancing again. When she got out of the hospital she went back to her studio and tried to start dancing again and she fell once and Uday Anna didn't want to teach her anymore. When she found a new studio she found a great teacher named Govinda and began to gain confidence and become a dancer. Govinda really helped her to see dance in a more passionate way. This helped her to be able to gain confidence too. Eventually she was good enough to be able to teach her own class and still dance extremely well herself. In the dance group there was a young girl named Uma and she doesn't show her face because she thinks shes ugly. Veda helps her think she's not ugly and inspired her to take off her scarf at dance to see her mouth so she can share her expressions. In the end Veda was able to fall in love with dancing again.

Always Find a Way Through

In the video from “Ted Talk” Amy Purdy had a problem. Amy had a problem because she got very sick with meningitis and this caused her to lose her two legs below the knee, her spleen, her kidneys, and her hearing in her left ear. She needed to find a prosthesis that enabled her to be able to snowboard again. One possible solution is that she could look for a leg to buy. This would prevent her from snowboarding because none of these let her snowboard. Another solution would be to make her own prosthesis. This is good because then she can make all of the improvements she wants and can make the leg do what she wanted it to do. Therefore, she could complete the leg with her friend and complete the prosthesis to the standards she wants. As a result, she was able to snowboard again and she won three back to back world cup medals at Snowboarding Cross, a gold medal at the Sochi Paralympics, and lastly she has become the top ranked para-snowboarder in the U.S.

Believe to Achieve

Randy Pouch has several characteristics. One characteristic is that he's very optimistic and believes he should do everything he can to be happy no matter the circumstances. He believes that the way you act can give others strength. He also shows that life shouldn't be about things over people it should be people over things. This helped people to learn to help others with what they want to achieve and how to achieve it by working hard but not harming others feelings. In the end you just need to believe in others and not be cruel to them because of who they are or what they look like because no one is alike.

Strength- Motivational Video

A video that shows that you actions can make a difference.


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