Simme Valley, Switzerland


The Simmental is among the oldest and most widely distributed of all breeds of cattle in the world. early records indicate these cattle were a cross between large German cattle and a smaller breed Indigenous to switzerland.
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  • colors vary(red & white) distribution of color may be spotted or speckled, most of body is solid
  • head is often white with white band over shoulder
  • belly,feet, and tail are usually white in color
  • majority have pigments around their eyes
  • large frame with long, wide and deep body.( muscular )
  • bulls typically weigh 2200 to 2800 pounds at maturity
  • cows 1200 to 1600 pounds
  • American Simmentals are coloured differently being predominantly black or red (BELOW)


  • High, long term fertility
  • Longevity
  • Calving ease
  • Excellent mothering ability
  • Good grazing ability (geographical and climatic conditions)
  • Early maturity
  • Good growth rates
  • Easy to handle
  • docile


  • The name is given specifically to the breed in Switzerland(simme valley) , while in Germany and Austria it is known as Fleckvieh, and in France as Pie Rouge.
  • there are believed to be between 40 & 60 million simmental cattle world wide.
  • since switzerland this breed has spreaded to all six continents.
  • selection for this breed was initially for three features-milk, meat, and as draft animals. (working animal to carry out task)

by products

photo film, charcoal, insulation, antifreeze, beef, shoes, purses, wallet...