Rosa Parks: An American Hero

Lainey Powers

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Rosa Parks… The woman who changed history. She was a African american woman who lived with her mother and father. In this article you will learn about her early life, riding the bus, and going to jail.
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Her Early Life

The day of February 4th, 1913 the on and only Rosa Parks was born.Her mother,Leona was a teacher, and her father, James was a carpenter, but at the age of two her parents got divorced. Her mother took Sylvester McCauley, her brother and left. As she grew older, she lived with her grandparents, and that is where it all began…
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How It Began

The day of February 4th 1955, Rosa Parks got on the bus, she was heading home from work.She was in the middle of the bus just behind the reserved seats for the whites. Soon all the seats were full.Then a white man appeared on the bus. The bus driver the black people behind the white seats had to get off the bus, but Rosa parks quietly said no. she was forced off the bus and was going to prison.
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Going To Jail

December 1,1955, Rosa Parks was arrested for disobeying the Alabama Law,needing black people giving up their seats to white people when the bus was entirely full, also blacks had to sit in the back of the bus.This led to a 1956 Supreme Court decision. Rosa Parks worked with the voters league to prepare blacks to register to vote.Rosa Parks believed in the right to sit where you want to sit and believe in what you want to believe.
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Rosa Parks (hero)

If Rosa did not contribute that way than we would be having that same problem right now. This proves that in U.S. history Rosa Parks is a hero!
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1. Carpenter: a skilled craftsman who works in a constriction area.

2. teacher: someone who teaches kids lessons.

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