EV Staff News

September 7, 2018


Thank you all for an amazing Back to School Night! The classrooms looked great! We have somewhere around 60% attendance. I hope the new format worked for staff and parents. We will debrief at another time. Some people have come to me with some suggestions.

Plan A: First day of school you hold a quick Back to School event with families. Most are here that day and seems like a good opportunity.

Plan B: I hold a quick Welcome Back on the first day. Teachers produce a video to send out to families.

Plan C: open to other ideas combination of the above

As always, I appreciate everything you do for families EVERYDAY!!!

Happy Weekend! Maite

FRC Staff Schedule

Below you will find the EV FRC staff hours. The FRC has made great progress with mental health services. La Luz has worked to secure funding for additional mental health services for the EV FRC.

  • Five families have received in-home services through Burnett Therapeutic Services
  • $100,000 grant for mental health services
  • 73 individuals have been seen through metal health services in three years
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Upcoming Events


Mon. 10 Staff meeting

Wed. 12 Maite, Chris and Gen at UCD & Grd Level meeting 1:40pm – 2

Fri. 14 Principals TK-12

Sat. 15 Plein Air in the Park

Mon. 17 Rebecca Cornin from TC K-2

Tues. 18 Rebecca Cornin from TC K-2

Tues. 18 District Grade Level Meeting

Wed. 19 Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 3

Thurs. 20 Elementary Principals

Mon. 24 Mighty Mouth (TK-2) & Staff meeting

Wed. 26 Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 4

Fri. 28 Restructuring Team to Oakland for TC & ELAC

Sat. 29 Vintage Festival Parade


Wed. 3 Jog a Thon & Level meeting 1:40pm - #6

Thurs. 4 Leadership Meeting & DELAC

Tues. 9 5th grade to Overlook

Wed. 10 Maite, Chris and Gen at UCD & Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - #7

Thurs. 11 TK-2 Fire Assembly 10:30-11am

Fri. 12 Principal TK-12

15 to 19 Parent Teacher Conferences

Tues. 23 District Grade Level Meeting

Wed. 24 Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - #8

Thurs. 25 Elementary Principals

Fri. 26 Restructuring Team & SSC & Fall Festival Dance 6pm

Mon. 29 Staff meeting

Wed. 31 PAJAMA DAY & Halloween Costumes and Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - #9


Fri. 2 Staff Development (non stu day)

Mon. 5 Staff meeting

Wed. 7 Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 9

Thurs. 8 DELAC

Fri. 9 Leadership Meeting

Wed. 14 Maite, Chris and Gen at UCD & Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 10

Thus. 15 Elementary Principals

Fri. 16 Principals TK-12

Mon. 26 Staff Meeting

Tues. 27 District Grade Level Meeting

Wed. 28 Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 11

Fri. 30 Restructuring Team & ELAC