Four Perfect Pebbles

by Aaliyah Williams and Lila Perl


The main character are:Marion Blumenthal Lazan,The irrelevent characters are: Albert,

Ruth,Marion's mom and Marion’s dad.

About the book

there's this girl named Marion Blumenthal Lazan and like many other families,her and her family got caught by the Germans.Her and her family soon got transported to Bergen Belsen concentration camp.when she got there she was quickly put to work.But in her free time she looked for the four perfect pebbles


The settings are in Germany,Belsen concentration camp,and Holland

Took place in 1934

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I think the theme of this book is you're going to have too work hard if you want to survive.

I feel this way because Marion had to work her whole life too find 4 perfect pebbles.And if she didn't ,her family would not survive the holocaust.

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This is a video of the real Marion Blumenthal Lazan,she's talking about the life in a concentration camp
Four Perfect Pebbles - Life In Concentration Camp - Part III


The plot of the story is that Marion and her family was in Germany but they were trying to escape Germans when they heard about the holocaust and about the Germans were doing. But they couldn't get away in time


At the end or the story she was on the death train on her way to Auschwitz but the train ended up getting liberated.Marion, Albert and Ruth went back to Holland where they waited for three years to get permission to emigrate to the United States. Moving a few times in New York City, a Jewish organization responsible for Holocaust refugees sent them to Peoria, Illinois where Ruth, Albert and Marion got on their feet emotionally and financially. Marion ended up with three children and five grandchildren.
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