20 events that occurred in 2002

  1. It was the 269th day of the year or 2002.

  2. You can use the 2002 calendar for the year 2019.

  3. It has been 5,128 days from the day I was born to the day now.

  4. There were 173 full moons

  5. 40 people that were important to the word born the same day.

  6. Super-duper bowl was in this year

  7. March 1st Afghanistan invasion begins

  8. April 5: Layne Staley dies

  9. May 26 - Helio races for the title

  10. June 5th- R. kelly was charged

  11. Sept. 4th Kelly clarkson was the new idol

  12. Oct 11th was a bomb attack in a mall

  13. Nov 6th 12 people was killed in a train accident

  14. Nov 7th Iran bans advertising from the US products

  15. Nov 13th Eminem releases a song and is the 1st rap song to wins academy award for best original song

  16. Twin towers were attacked

  17. Aug 29th 19th MTV video s marked for an award Eminem and Pink won

  18. Golf winners for golf was Tiger woods and Venus Williams

  19. Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul stars on Fox

  20. May 3rd “ Spider man” was premiered
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