Robert Owen

AP U.S. History Project Frankie Scheuer

Birth and death dates and locations

Robert Owen was born in Newton, Montegomeryshire, Wales on May 14, 1771. He died in Newton, Montegomeryshire, Wales on November 17, 1858, at the age of 87.

Family life

Robert Owen was married to Caroline Dale and had eight kids, seven of which survived infancy. Four of these children were sons and three were daughters.

Where they spent most of his life

Robert Owen was born in at died in Newton, Montegomeryshire, Wales. He owned a house and spent a large amount of his life in New Lanark.

Criticism of society

Robert Owen didn't like the fact that one man's gains were another man's losses. He didn't like that the economy was largley reliant on the profit motive. He was also critical of long working hours, forming the solgan "Eight hours labour, Eight hours recreation, Eight hours rest". Owen was an early supporter of a sort of utopian socialism.

Methods to achieve his goals

Robert Owen became the manager and a partial owner of New Landark mill, and he worked to create the society that he envisioned there.

Degree of success

In many ways, Robert Owen was successful in creating the utopian society that he envisioned. He also improved the lives of the common people living in the area in which he worked to make changes, although his Utopian socialist ideas didn't spread as much as he might have hoped.


Robert Owen proved that many of his ideas were capable of working. He proved for example that shorter working hours can be had without causing big problems for example. While his envision of utopian socialism didn't spread as he might have wanted it to, a not insignificant amount of labor reform around the world can probably be attributed to the successes that he had.