By Elie Wiesel

important characters

Protagonist-Elie Wiesel
Antagonist-Adolf Hitler-Nazis

A young boy named Elie Wiesel was a Jewish boy who lived like all the other kids did homework,cleaned,played.Elie lived in Sighet,Transylvania.When Elie was 15 years old he was taken to Auschwitz but when he was 12 he as sent to a gheto.When elie was seper ated from his family he lost all hope and belief for God.What did Elie Wiesel do did he live or did he die like most of the others.

Major conflict
The major conflict is when Elie was to make a decision and run but he doesn't want to leave his father but how was his father going to deal with the loss of his son if he gets caught.

Work Cited
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Krishan Pineda