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Learning Diability got out of hands

People suffer a lot of things, but some suffer worse things they can never forget, seeing, hearing, communicating, or even understand a person. Hearing impairment can lead to deafness, which means they won't hear a thing. People suffer Autism as well.

People who suffer Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder


ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) or ADD(Attention Deficit Disorder) is a learning disability that makes you get out of seats more often because you're not comfortable enough or not focusing in class. It can lead to being angry at your parents/guardians for telling them to work, when they are trying to focus. Hyperactivity can lead to getting out of seats, and not following the rules of the school. Here are some strategies of people who have ADD or ADHD:

  • Bonnie: Uses music to keep her focused
  • Sally: Uses a comfy spot on her chair to keep her in her seat
  • Jarred: He usually sleeps to keep anger away for his parents
  • Nicole: She reads to prevent getting out of her seat
  • Katharine: She completed a test in a quiet room and got an A
  • Nathan: He feels things he is learning to learn better
  • Twill: She seems to have learn best if she reads the passage instead of hearing it
  • Peter: He focuses best if he moves to a seat that is close to a teacher
  • Miranda: She studies before she tests to learn best
  • Mia: She focuses best if she sees the picture instead of explaining the picture

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