Ridgeview Elementary

November Newsletter

Halloween Costumes

We are inviting students to wear costumes this year for Halloween.

However, they will need to meet the following requirements.

*No face paint, masks, or wigs. Hats are Okay.

*No props (no wings, wands, swords, weapons, live animals etc)

*Must be able to learn in costume.

*No changing into and out of costumes throughout the day

*Fun, not fright. No blood or gore.

*No costume may violate district dress code.

*No costumes for parents or visitors.

Lost and Found

Colder weather means jackets are piling up in the lost and found. Be sure to label jackets, coats, gloves and hats with students names so we can return them to their owners. Check the lost and found if your child's items are missing.

Tips from the Nurse

It’s that time of year!!!!!

Cold, Flu and Virus season is upon us....

Things that you can do as parents:

 Remind your kids to cover their cough.

 Encourage hand washing, frequently and right after a cough/sneeze and after school.

 Encourage proper nose blowing.

 Wipe runny noses promptly

 Throw the Kleenex in the trash immediately after use.

 Wash hands after blowing nose.

 Keep students home if fever over 100.0. Please do not medicate and then send to school. This spreads the sickness.

 Get flu shots for everyone in the family!!!!!!!!!

Call me with any questions! Myranda Lyons RN 970-826-6272