Invisibility RPT

By Kai Wismar

The Circuit

The main character was Ito, and the side characters were his family and teacher. The reason why they were invisible was because they were illegal immigrants from Mexico. Because they are illegal immigrants, they have to depend on the shelter of other people even if it is a terrible condition to live in. They are invisible because they are always on the run from police officers. Mr. Sullivan is the man who hired the sharecropper family, and gave them shelter in a small garage with no windows, walls infested with termites, and a dirt floor filled with earthworms. It definitely shows that he gave a poor condition to live in (Francisco Jimenez 3).

Homeless Children Article

Every one in thirty children are homeless in the United States of America. This means that about 2.5 million have no home in America. Every year, the invisible population grows, and never decreases. They are invisible because they do not let many people see them. They usually hide from society, and nobody knows that they have no home. To prevent this invisibility, the minimum wage of a worker has to increase, so that they can afford at least a one-room apartment (Newsela 1 and 4).

Things not Seen

The main character in the story was Bobby Phillips, and the side characters were his family and Alicia Van Dorn. In the story, Bobby turns invisible because of his electric blanket, and he cannot interact with almost anyone. The only person he can talk to is Alicia because she cannot see, and it does not surprise her when he talks. Not only does she talk to him, but she also learns that he is invisible. The reason why she helps him turn visible again, is because she has experienced what it feels like to be invisible, and has a sympathy for him. This relates to real life because the homeless are like Bobby, the only difference is that they are not legitimately invisible, it is that the people walking around them are blind. Unlike Alicia, they have no sympathy for the homeless, and do not make an effort to help them (Andrew Clements 30).


Invisibility means not interacting with other people. These people are invisible because they either hide from society like the homeless, illegal immigrants, and Bobby, or it is because the people who walk around them do not have the sympathy to help them, and do not pay any attention to them.


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