Spring Sale & Summer Teaser....


Summer Schedule Teaser, Seasonal Pricing & Spring Sale,

Summer Schedule Teaser

Summer will be here before we know it so we want you to know that we are already planning our schedule. We will be offering lots of classes each week by all of your favorite instructors!!! Our full summer schedule will be available to view by Mid May and it will take effect in Early to Mid June. Here is a little preview of what to expect......

  • Monday to Friday morning classes will have start times of 5:30am/6:30am/7:30am/8:30am and 9:45am.
  • We anticipate to provide 60 to 70 class offerings Monday through Sunday including morning, mid-day and evening classes.
  • Mid-day Express Workouts
  • Later Evening Classes
  • More Variety of offerings
  • Speciality Weekend Classes

Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend Seasonal Pricing

Effective Memorial Weekend through Labor Day Weekend (Friday, May 22nd thru Monday, Sept 7th) our pricing plans will be as follows:

1 Class Card - $25

3 Class Card - $63 ($21 per class)

5 Class Card - $95 ($19 per class)

10 Class Card - $170 ($17 per class)

25 Class Card - $375 ($15 per class)

50 Class Card - $650 ($13 per class)

All clients that currently hold an Unlimited Membership OR purchase a new Unlimited Membership PRIOR to MAY 22nd, can maintain their Unlimited Membership at our current prices throughout the Seasonal Summer Pricing Period. Unlimited Memberships will no longer be available for purchase in our online store during the seasonal pricing dates (5/22 thru 9/7). If any client cancels an auto renew membership during the 5/22 to 9/7 date range, the Unlimited Membership Option will NOT be available to purchase again until 9/8/15. (so if you don't want to pay the increased seasonal pricing, then buy drop-in cards or unlimited options to last you through the summer)

Student Pricing (Memorial Day through Labor Day)

Seasonal Student Membership Options ~

  • 1 Class Card - $15
  • 5 Class Card - $60 ($12 per class)
  • 10 Class Card - $100 ($10 per class)

  • Summer Unlimited ~ $300 (Starts May 22nd and Expires September 7th)

  • 1 Month Unlimited (non-autorenewing) ~ $100

Valid for ALL classes (cycling and fitness).

Student pricing options are not available in our online store. Please email info@nantucketfitness.com to purchase.

*MUST provide a valid High-School or Undergraduate Student ID before 1st visit.

*Limit of 1 Class per day

*Student must create their own account separate from parent and have valid Credit Card info on file.

*Please note late cancel and no-show policy below.

Spring Sale

All Drop-in Cards and Unlimited Packages between Friday, May 1st and Friday, May 22nd are 10% off. Visit our online store and enter the code Save10 at checkout to take advantage of this offer. Don't miss out on the already discounted 3,6 and 13 month unlimited options that are now even better with this sale! If you have a 1 Month Unlimited Auto-renewing membership and would like to take advantage of this sale, you will need to email us at info@nantucketfitness so that we can take care of it for you.

Sale prices are as follows:

3 Month Unlimited Cycling OR Fitness ~ $270

3 Month Unlimited Cycling AND Fitness ~ $405

6 Month Unlimited Cycling OR Fitness ~ $540

6 Month Unlimited Cycling AND Fitness ~ $810

12 Month Unlimited Cycling OR Fitness ~ $1080

12 Month Unlimited Cycling AND Fitness ~ $1620

1 Class Drop-in Card ~ $18

3 Class Drop-in Card ~ $47.70

5 Class Drop in Card ~ $76.50

10 Class Drop-in Card ~ $135

25 Class Drop-in Card ~ $292.50

50 Class Drop-in Card ~ $500

*Sale is not valid on Student Pricing.

Cancellation and No-Show Policy

*All Unlimited Membership MUST have up-to-date credit card info on file for late cancel and no-show charges. Late Cancel and No-Show Charges for UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIPS are a $15 late-cancel or $20 no-show charge to your credit card. Drop-in cards forfeit the class they missed from their drop-in card (no charge to credit card will be made). If we can not charge your credit card, a reservation block will be placed on your account until CC info is up to date. Please know that we HATE, HATE, HATE charging these fees so please do your best to manage your scheduling to minimize these kinds of charges.

We Can't Wait

We are truly looking forward to the Summer Season ahead. With incredible Instructors, top of the line equipment, cutting edge classes, a great building where all the magic happens and most importantly, AMAZING clients that electrify our passion for teaching, we will be even better than we've been before.

See you all soon!!!!

Your Team at

Nantucket Cycling and Fitness


CrossFit Nantucket

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