Tools for a Blended Classroom

New ways to reach, teach, and enjoy your students!

How to Get Started

Ask yourself a few questions:
  • how often do you plan to use it
  • what is the time commitment you are willing to make
  • what is the set- up commitment and follow up

Depending on your answers you can start small with an email list or IC messenger and work up to making Smore newsletters, Asychronous recordings, and even Evernote recorded feedback! Heck have at it on the SLDS!

Start Here!

JCSS has a Digital Learning task force that meets bi-monthly, and whom when our powers combine, make a really great team! Please take a look at the Blended Learning Symbaloo that Lissa Hill has created and choose one thing that you are interested in, whether it be an article, an app, or a program.

Also, check out the EdTech Teacher website. They have on demand professional learning, example of student products, app recommendations, and a wide variety of other resources for your enjoyment.

Inspire Grant

Interested in getting technology for your own classroom?

Do you want your own Yogas, a touchscreen televison, or even new seating?

Consider applying for an INSPIRE grant!

Model Classroom Proposal Template

Model Classroom Rubric used to evaluate your proposal

INSPIRE Grant Due Date is May 1st, 2015!