Oconto Co. Health & Human Services

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Quick Facts

Located at 301 Washington St. Oconto, WI

Open M-F 8am-4pm

Serves the residents of Oconto County


This agency with interact with parents that need assistance, support, are in foster homes, or group homes.

They will also assist child in the schools by giving them work study, employment training, as well as going into the schools to teach soft skills on how to get a job.

They also provide job shadowing and job coaching for the youth.


This agency in mainly funded through tax payer dollars. It however does receive donations and well as holds fundraiser to help support the cost of operation.


-New Beginnings

-New View


-Food Share

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How to Find Out About Us

-Referral from school

-Personal need

-Family need

-Foster or group home

-Social worker


There is a County Board made up of 30 members as well as a sub committee just for Health and Human Services made up of 6-7 members,