How to become president

How to qualify as a president

in order to become president you must first qualify to be it.

First you must be 35 years or older to run as president although it is recommended that you wait until you have made a good political position.

second you have to have lived as citizen in USA for 14years or longer. Third you have to be a natural born citizen of the USA.

There are Four main steps that you must go through to become president.

First their ll be a primary( a primary election is to appoint delegates to a party conference or to select the candidates for a that parties nominee ) and a caucus( A caucus is when a group of people take their sides and support their nominee and and also try to convince people to join your side) some suggestions for these would be to let every one know who and what you stand for and try to win some of the earlier state so that people will know who you are.

Then their will be a national convention to decide which candidate will represent that parties side like trump for republicans and Hillary for democrats. they will also announce what their platform is( A platform is what the groups think is like for republicans they believe that abortion should be illegal where the democrats think that it is all up to the women since its her body).

Third you will have to win the general election.( The general election is when all the us's population votes for who they would like to be president)

Then you'll have to win the electoral collage( the electoral collage is the main way that you are elected if you win that you are golden and are almost 100% guaranteed the president) then after that you should be the president.

My recommended canidate

The candidate that i would chose would be Donald trump

The response that i chose him is because the things he says are all true hes compleatly open with all the topics he talks about and doesn't try to say it all fancy he just gets to the point and show why its bad and what we should do to fix it.