Mishler Memo

May 6, 2016

Volume 3, Number 34

Teaching: "It's the most important profession; it trains all the other professions that are out there." #ThankATeacher

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What's happening, WMS?

Starfish of the week...

From Mike MacOwen to Dylan Ringler for his positive attitude, willingness to help in any situation and working Well with the special needs kids. Choose Your Attitude!

From Cheryl Pearson to Lindsey Radamaker for being a wonderful addition to our special needs program. You are creative and talented. You challenge each student to meet new goals. Your compassion and kindness for each student is seen in their smiles. BE THERE and MAKE THEIR DAY!

From Cheryl Pearson to Ashley Friedrich for bringing energy to our special needs program. You have a special bond with each student. You show compassion and kindness to every student. Make Their Day and Choose Your Attitude!

Student Cell Phone Hallway Use

Please refer back to Mishler Memo Issue 22, on January 29:

"If you are allowing a student to use headphones in your class, please remind them that when they (the students) are in the hallway, they are to only have one earbud in. Also, there maybe other teachers who do not allow that privilege. Please take a moment to remind students that just because they can do something in your room, does not mean it’s fair game in another classroom."

ISTEP Part 1 Online

3,596 test sessions completed. Thank you to all of you for your assistance with the assessment.

Indiana Department of Education-Teachers’ Toolbox


May 9 Golf H vs. Crestview 5:00 pm

May 10 Track at Whitko 4:30 pm

May 10 School Board Meeting 5:30 Warrior Room at WHS

May 11 National Nurse Day

May 12 Golf @ Westview MS 4:30 pm

May 13 HA LA Trip to Chicago

May 13 Faculty Meeting 7:40 Lecture Room

May 13 PTO Soup Day for Staff (Teacher Appreciation)

May 13 Golf @ Riverview 4:30

May 14 Track @ Lakeview NELMSC Championship Meet 9:00 am

May 16 5th Grade Tour of WMS 9:50-10:45 am

May 20 HA LA Trip to Chicago

May 25 7th Period (6th grade presentation in Cafeteria) Kosciusko Tobacco Coalition

May 30 Memorial Day-No School!

May 31 Last Student Day (Grade Level Awards/8th Grade Trip to Paige's Crossing)

June 1 Last Teacher Day! Lunch at 12:00 catered by Sleepy Owl

May Birthdays!

Lori Dixon 4th

Sarah Stoelting 6th

Sylvia McDowell 7th

Stephanie Denlinger 19th

Cheryll Gibson 26th

Kari Knepper 29th

Alison Dailey 29th

Homeroom Writing Prompt

Be sure to use the RATS Model (Emphasize the R and the A).

Writing Prompt:

As you get out of bed, or as you put on your clothes each day, consciously "put on" your attitude. What attitude did I choose today? Am I happy with my attitude or do I want to change it?

From the Desk of .sJ


If a student is leaving your classroom, they must have a pass.

If the student is leaving your classroom and going to another classroom, student will come to your class with a pass.

If the student is asking to get pass from another teacher, and you allow the student to go to the other teacher to get a pass, you will need to write the student a pass to get a pass.

If the student is asking to see the nurse, go to the office, go drop off lunch money, etc, you will need to write a pass for the student.

There should be no time where a student is walking the halls without a pass. If a student comes to your class late without a pass, they are tardy/truant.

QR Codes

Over time, I see more and more teachers leaving their classroom to work with students in a different location. Whether it be in the commons, media center, cafeteria, or even outside, finding a new location keeps the classroom ‘fresh’. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way for students, and teachers to be able to quickly access any website when out of your classroom? If you want to spice up your ‘linking’ check out QR Codes.

A QR Code (short for Quick Response - those funny looking square blobs) is a mobile phone-readable bar code that can store website URL's, text, phone numbers, email addresses, and/or just about any other piece of data you can think of. This is available through the Chrome store (QR reader and generator) for students, as well as the App Store for teacher devices.

I can see a number of uses for this tool, and am sure that you have even more ideas, but know that it is a directional tool. It points the user somewhere.

School Safety Response #13

Last week’s School Safety scenario is about missing student from field trip. The most appropriate response would be to first contact the office to let someone know who is missing and provide as many details as possible. Second, you may be looking at the bus driver to turn the bus around to pick up the student. Of course this depends on the distance from where the student would be. Thirdly, remain calm. It will be ok, but those you speak to on the phone may be needing specific information to assist. We want to make everything ok, but we will need your help.

Have a great week,

Shawn J
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