Chinese Mythology and Folklore

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When Did Popular Chinese Folklore and Mythology Take Place?

Chinese Mythology goes back over 4,000 years. Mythology was common in ancient days. From 2000 - 1500 BCE Xia (a group of Chinese people from ancient times) began worshipping the snake. About 100 years later the snake slowly became the dragon.

From 1500 - 1066 BCE Shang Di was the most important Chinese god, and he is still pretty important today in China At 1066 BCE, after Shang Di got a less important, Confucius came and started a huge culture, Confucianism. It had a huge affect on Chinese mythology and folklore. It strengthened the dragon and made it more important. But, Confucianism wasn't the only culture that helped shape Chinese mythology, Buddhists and Taoists also did.


Shang Di is one of the most important Chinese gods, check him out!

Where Did Chinese Mythology and Folklore Originally Come From?

Some beliefs from China have migrated to America, as well as many other places from around the world. Mythology is an important feature in China. However, China did learn about other cultures, and have come to believe in them, too. For example, the majority of Chinese population believe in the Heaven and Underworld.

Contrary to popular belief, Dragons did not come from China. They were originally thought to be from Egypt and Sumer, but, soon after, the mythological dragon came to China. Later, Greece, Scandinavia, Saxon, and Rome learned about this wondrous creature. But, is it real, or not? You may decide for yourself.

Who makes Chinese Mythology and Folklore?

Anyone in China must have said at least one folk tale or mythologic story. There are lots of books that hold Chinese stories, too. Folklore in China grew around slowly, and later, it was told everywhere!

There is a popular folk tale artist in China, whose drawings were found in many books. He is called Joseph Domjan. He is also good at wood cutting. You can see a picture of one of his paintings (used in a Chinese story) to the right. As you probably know, he has drawn many more things, in different art styles, such as just black and white with markers!

Ever heard of dragons? Well, dragons are a popular mythologic creature in China, although it is unknown who though up of these glorious creatures. It is thought to have slowly become created, starting at Ancient China.

What is found in Chinese Mythology and Folklore?

There are many made-up creatures in China that are known all around the world. Here is the dragon and the popular and most important dog in Chinese stories: the Pekingese.

Dragons are popular, and you should already know quite a lot on them already!

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