A Greek poet and author

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Hesiod was a Greek poet and author who flourished in around 700 BC. Not much is known about his early life, but he was professionally known for reciting poetry. He wrote two books, Works and Days and Theogany. Works and Days is about rural life in the country, and Theogany is about the origin of the world and mythology. Many of his books were filled with poems. No one really knows how Hesiod died; some believe he died in a temple, some believed he was murdered.

His Plan

I need your help to make Hesiod's dream come true. He always wanted a library in his name, so I'm going to give him that, and more! Hesiod's Library will be filled with shelves and shelves of his poems and books. They'll be for all ages. The very special part about his library will be the "simulation" room. It's inspired by his book, Works and Days. He wrote this book to show people what rural life was like, so, the library will have a simulation room. It will look like a rural farm from centuries ago. People can come in and live life how people did many years ago. In this library, there will also be a class about mythology which is inspired by his other book, Theogany.
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Hesiod Theogony & Works and Days by C.S.Morrissey

I hope you fund Hesiod's work! He wanted it so badly!

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