Amicalola Falls

By: Jackson

Amicalola Falls

Splash, Rumble…! The Water rumbled as I climbed the remaining 50 stairs of … You guessed it! Amicalola Falls GA! Where the water just washes you away!

First and for most Amicalola Falls is located in Dawsonville, GA .Amicalola Falls was found by Native Americans. I chose this location because I believed that it would be an interesting subject. You can see the bright blue water and trust me the sight is worth the five mile hike. Amicalola Falls is 729 feet tall and the tallest cascading waterfall east of the Mississippi.

Second of all Amicalola Falls is a very tough climb it takes about 30 minutes for me to climb the hills. Amicalola Falls has got water that flows from a river on a mountain to a pool about 1000 feet below. Amicalola Falls is mossy because it has been in Georgia for millions of years. Amicalola Falls has lodges, colleges, restaurants, and hotels. Amicalola Falls is magnificent and you should go.

Finally when I went to Amicalola Falls I got to enjoy something beautiful. I got to see my mom, stepdad, and stepbrother all smile. Amicalola Falls is a beautiful place. Amicalola Falls is a great resort.

In Conclusion I recommend that you should go to Amicalola Falls GA if you like extraordinary peaks and spending time with families. Amicalola Falls is a wonderful fun filled place. Amiclola Falls is my paradise. Amicalola Falls is a place for you to relax with your family.