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Good (?) News: It's still April

No, it's not--we know it's not--we lied and we're very very sorry; however, in our defense, April really flew by: the tail end of Spring Break, PARCC, Conferences, National Find a Rainbow Day...We were quite busy this past April and we bet you were too. Enjoy this issue of the newspaper and happy May!

6th Graders Prank Willing Victim, Mr. Benziger, Multiple Times

Best Prank Ever

"History Of April Fool's Day" by Chloe Asack

Although there are many theories on how April Fool’s Day began, it’s exact start will forever remain a mystery. The only thing we know for sure is that April Fool’s Day has been going on for centuries, and these are some of the most interesting theories.

Many historians believe that it began way back in 1582, when France switched to the Gregorian calendar. (The calendar we use today.) This changes the New Year from April 1st to January 1st. Some people would decide to ignore this change, or some simply did not know about it. These people were known as April fools. Other people would make jokes about them, or send them on fake errands to mess with them. The theory says that over time, this evolved to everyone playing pranks on everyone, like we do today. This is the most popular theory about April Fool’s Day.

The earliest possible references to April Fool’s Day were in the writings of Chaucer, in 1392. However, the writings are not precise enough to technically prove that it was celebrated before 1582. Chaucer wrote,

“When that the monthe in which the world bigan

That highte March, whan God first maked man,

Was complet, and passed were also

Syn March bigan thritty dayes and two.”

Now, this does not make much sense to the average 6th grade student. However, many scholars who study Chaucer take the last line of the writing, “March bigan thritty dayes and two,” to mean April 1st, considering there are only 31 days in March. We can not be sure, but it is possible that Chaucer was talking about a tradition of playing pranks on April 1st.

The last theory of April Fool’s Day I am going to share is the one of Eduard de Dene, in 1561. He published a comic/poem of a man who sends his servant on pointless errands back and forth, supposedly to prepare for a wedding feast, on April 1st. In the closing line of each stanza, the servant says, “ I am afraid… that you are trying to make me run a fool’s errand.” This poem mentions April 1st and a fool over twenty years before the Gregorian calendar theory.

Now, there are many more theories on how April Fool’s Day started, and it is possible we may never know how it truly began, but today we have a fun tradition that we will play for many more years with friends and family.

"April Fools Ideas" by Jack Granahan

Do you have someone you want to get revenge on? Or do you just want to get a good laugh? Either way, here are some April Fools Day pranks that will leave you in laughter!

  • Does your friend use a hair dryer? Well then, you can put some flour, powdered sugar, or baby powder in their hair dryer. When they turn it on they will be blasted with powder!

  • Going out to eat? Rip off the top of a ketchup packet, stick a straw into it, and put it all back in their drink.

  • Parents afraid of loud noises? Tape a balloon to the back of their car, and wait for them to back out of the driveway.

  • Got a tall friend? Put plastic wrap across their bedroom doorway where you know their head will be.

For the last and final prank, I present to you, the greatest series ever, the Triple Crown!


  • Get up early.

  • On your sink, tape down the handle on your sprayer.

  • Fill a water bottle with vinegar.

  • Get some hot sauce.

  • Optional: Bring a bag for spit/throw-up.


  • While your victim sleeps, pour the hot sauce in their mouth.

  • When they wake up and cough, apologize give them the bottle.

  • Watch as they run to the sink to get some water.

"Autism Awareness Month" by Arya Baskaran and Adithi Ponakampalli

Autism is a disability that impairs the ability to interact and communicate. Autism is one of the fastest growing disorders in America. However, there is no antidote. Autism requires a medical diagnoses. So far, males are more affected by it than females. It normally appears before the age of 3. It's also four to five more times common with boys than with girls. Autism can last for years or maybe even a lifetime.A symptom of autism is not having a good connection with everyone. There are more than 200,000 cases diagnosed every year. It can be a genetic disorder. You can go here to learn more about Autism: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/info/autism

"April Baseball" By Katie Ciuffreda

Earlier this month, Opening Day for Baseball 2016 occurred. That is why I thought that it was a good idea to write an article on what a baseball really is. Lots of people always wonder what is inside, but never try to find out. So, I decided to try it for myself.

This is what all the layers look like.

" Fun April Holidays" by Catie Lillja

Did you know that April consists many national holidays? One of the commonly known holidays is April Fools’ Day. There are also some interesting holidays like National Honesty Day, National Adopt A Pet Day, and National Help A Horse Day.

There are also many odd National Holidays such as National Hug A Plumber Day, National Ferret Day, National Blueberry Pie Day, National Pigs in a Blanket Day, National Chocolate Covered Cashews Day, National Hanging Out Day, National Ex Spouse Day, National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day, National Cinnamon Crescent Day, National No Housework Day, National Chocolate Mousse Day, National Tween Day, National Hug a News' Person Day, National Find a Rainbow Day, and even a National Walk Around Things Day and a lot more! Find more interesting holidays by searching: http://www.nationaldaycalendar.com/april/
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"PARCC TESTS DESTROYED" by Nolan LaVelle and Kush Anandpara

Due to A server error, all the PARCC tests were deleted. When submitting the tests to PARCC, there was a server error midway through submission, deleting them all. LIS is Planning to have Retests of the PARCC tests on the second and thIrd weeks of May. Make sure to get Lots of sleep and don’t worry. You also may believe that the questions will be the same but FOr all PARCC tests there are backups. That means that all the questiOns will be completeLy different. Thank you for your time. Have a Splendid day.

"Batman vs Superman: Dawn of wasting money?" by Saisushanth Cheetha Rajesh and Paraj

Up until now you have been waiting for the internet sensation: B v. S like for maybe 1 or 2 years now. Well, I’m sorry this movie wasn’t up to your expectation. Expect "Captain America: Civil War" to crush this movie.

The Pranks: Parts 1 and 2

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