Ulla Lapiolahti

Natural Dyes and Earthpigments 2014, April 20-22

Design with Natural Dyes and Earthpigments

workshops natural drawing, painting, printing and dyeing with ULLA LAPIOLAHTI from Finland at atelier Fiberfusing in the Netherlands

20-21-22 April 2014 Make a Mark with Natural Dyes, Earthpigments and Bio-waste

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Workshop descriptions

Make a Mark – Paint and Print with Natural Dyes / 20-21-22 April, 2014
What happens during the workshop:
- Making printing pastes with madder, cochenille, logwood, onion etc.
- Designing the fabric: colours and figures to print/ paint
- Printing the fabrics
- Learning different kind of printing techniques: screen printing, stenciling, block printing, painting
- Fixing printed dyes: steaming (printed paper no steaming)

This technique works best on protein fibres; wool and silk. Also cotton, linen etc but not as good washing fastness. Experimenting with paper printing and/ or contact dyeing is also possible.

Ochre, Umber and Sienna– Paint and Print with Earthpigments
What happens during the workshop:
- preparation of fresh soya milk
- pre-preparation of fabrics with soya milk
- preparation of paints and printing pastes
- painting and printing fabrics

This technique works best on the the natural fibres; cotton, linen and silk; not so well on wool. Experimenting with paper printing in paper printing is also possible. Nice highlights can be added on the fabric by using soft pastels or charcoal.
Working with earth pigments is simple, sustainable and very rewarding; great results but no chemicals, no heat! Ulla started to experiment with this technique after seeing the inspiring works of John Marshall’s in Color Congress, USA in 2002.

EcoAfterParty – Dyeing, Printing, Painting with bio waste dyes

What happens during the workshop:

- experimental printing and dyeing with bio waste materials on photo paper and other kind papers (for example watercolor paper)

EcoAfterParty is an experimental workshop. In the workshop we'll use bio waste materials like tea, onion skins, coffee grounds - and turn them into beautifull colors. We'll work with paper material and use techniques like monotype printing, contact dyeing, block printing etc and make art pieces, unique wrapping papers and post cards.

note - all workshops will be taught in English and/or in Dutch

About Ulla Lapiolahti

Ulla Lapiolahti is a Finnish designer and textile artist. Ulla has a true passion for two things: natural dyes and pattern/ surface designing. In the natural dye field Ulla has been lecturing, running workshops and taking part in exhibitions in Finland and abroad since 1998. As pattern/ surface designer Ulla works as a member of Studio Kelkka group.

Ulla loves colors and likes storytelling, natural and honest things. She wishes that her work reflects these same values and gives positive feelings to people.

Studio Kelkka works for example with IKEA, Eco-Boråstapeter from Sweden, Harlequin Fabrics and Wallcoverings from England; Senshukai, Tamurakoma, Kawashima Orimono Selkon and Nitori from Japan and Richloom Fabrics Group from the United States. Here you can read more about Studio Kelkka and its designers.

Here you can read more about Ulla’s recent work in natural dye field; Sweet waste colours - recycled colours in use – project. Project focuses in sustainability.


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