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Students in grades 3-5 will be taking the MSTEP test online this year. This page has important information, videos to watch, and links to practice test items so that students can understand what will be expected of them on the MSTEP test.

Grade 3 students: Take three tests total on different days: ELA computer adaptive test, math computer adaptive test, and math performance task.

Grade 4 students: Take five tests total on different days: ELA computer adaptive test, math computer adaptive test, math performance task, science part 1 and science part 2.

Grade 5 students: Take six tests total on different days: ELA computer adaptive test, ELA performance task, math computer adaptive test, math performance task, social studies part 1 and social studies part 2.

Online Testing Video Tutorials

The link to videos with online testing tutorials is below.

The tutorials go over signing in, test basics, testing tools, etc. I suggest teachers pause and emphasize certain portions of the video.

The most important direction to students is DO NOT HIT THE "REVIEW/END TEST" or "END TEST" button until you have answered all questions and you are ready to end the test. At Syring, I want to tell our students that they are NOT ALLOWED to hit the review/end test or end test buttons without permission from an adult so that we can verify that they truly are finished with the test. Once the end test button is pressed, the test will be submitted and they are not able to log back in to finish.

The special tools videos only need to be shown to elementary grades as follows:

protractor - 4th grade only

writing tools - 5th grade only

how to create and edit equations - grades 3-5

It is suggested that students watch the videos, then practice with the online practice tests. The online testing tutorial videos talk about how math and ELA tests are different than math and ELA performance tasks, social studies or science. That is because the math and ELA tests are computer adaptive tests. They each have their own video to help students understand how to navigate those tests. The main difference is with computer adaptive tests, students CANNOT go back to a previous test question. They must answer every question. The other tests allow students to move forward without answering all questions, and also allow students to move back to previous questions.

Navigating the 2016 Mathematics CAT
Navigating the ELA M-STEP Computer Adaptive Test

For Student Practice with Online Testing Items

1. Navigate to the Michigan Online Tools Training site using CHROME (link above and here:) (Soon there will be a shortcut button on computers to the "insight" program for mstep testing.)

2. Click on "sample item sets"

3. Click on grade level, then subject area to be practiced

4. Enter the user name and password shown on the screen