Crafting The ePerfect eBook 2015

Week One News!

Summary of Week One

Hello all EVO eBookcrafters

It's been a wonderful first week of 3-2-1 introductions from all the group! We have new participants joining us when they are able to, which is fantastic! Your EVO eBook moderators have been busy reading all the posts and giving as much guidance as possible in the form of sharing blog posts, flyers, video tutorials and promoting discussions!

You have also been busy reading about, and then choosing your CC licence for your forthcoming ebook chapters, and we are delighted to see you sharing your reasons for your particular licence. You can easily change your mind over the next few weeks, if you realise that the one you have chosen for now is not really suitable for your needs.

Your 3-2-1 Tools

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Link to Meeting

Thanks for all the wonderful work you have achieved so far. We are so excited to be sharing this learning experience with you all!!

Join us for the Week One Overview and Week Two Look Ahead here: