Child labour

It needs to stop

Around the world the image of toys and play arise when one thinks of childhood. But, one probably doesn’t think about the children who are too poor to buy toys or go to school they have to work. Child labour in developing countries is a dangerous practice since there are no workplace safety rights which could harm a child in a harmful workplace.

First,child labour in developing countries is wrong because they are denied a safe working environment. Children in these situations are at risk of injury, disabilities and possibly death. There are an estimated 85 million children involved in dangerous work (POV website).

Next, these children who live in poverty are denied basic children's rights. Children stuck in child labour can't afford food, education or sometimes even shelter. They need to work to afford basic human needs. All children deserve access to food, school and shelter without working. "All children have rights" (

Additionally, one in nine children are forced into child labour. Child labour is commonly seen in India. In many countries there is a black market for children to work as without pay, these children are called slaves. They never really understand what it feels like to be just a kid. Children stuck in slavery don’t have a chance to succeed in life.

In conclusion, child labor is a horrible problem that millions of children are trapped in worldwide. Countries with a child labor problem should developed age restrictions and workplace safety laws to prevent more children from being harmed by this awful thing.