green dewitt


Born February,12,1787 Died May,18,1835

He was born in Kentucky He died in Mexico

interesting facts

DeWitt apparently did not have the degree of personal influence over his settlement that Austin exercised at San Felipe. Although he represented the District of Gonzales in the Convention of 1833, he never held an elected office in the colony's government. Despite his apparent success in establishing the colony, he was unable to fulfill his contract by the time it expired on April 15, 1831, and he failed to get it renewed. He spent his last years engaging in some limited commercial investments and improving his own land on the right bank of the Guadalupe River across from the Gonzales townsite, premium land given him as empresario.

sara dewitt facts

Sara DeWitt, who was born in Brooke County, Virginia, on June 29, 1787, died in Gonzales on November 28, 1854
Green DeWitt