Time to Renew!

Plexus Ambassador Annual Web Hosting (AWH)

You've Been With Plexus for a Year! Celebrate!

It's been more than a year since you joined as a Plexus wholesale Ambassador. Whether you first joined to take control of your health, or to better your financial position, it's time to continue to receive all that Plexus can offer!

In order to continue to receive wholesale pricing on your products, and receive commission payments (on any purchases through your website over 100PV), your account must be in good standing.

To check your renewal status:

  1. Go to: https://backoffice.plexusworldwide.com
  2. Log in.
  3. Select "ACCOUNT SERVICES" from the top menu.
  4. Go to "MEMBERSHIP" and >>Renew.

There you will see your renewal date and be able to follow the instructions to renew for $34.95, if necessary.

Please don't hesitate to ask your sponsoring Ambassador for help with this. Or, feel free to message Angela at: angelaBplexus@gmail.com for further assistance.

Forgot How to Log In? Follow these Instructions to Login & Renew!

To retrieve your Plexus ID and Password:

  1. Go to the login page at https://backoffice.plexusworldwide.com/index.cfm
  2. Click on ”Forgot Customer ID". It will ask for you for your email. Remember to use the email you signed up with.
  3. Then go check your email and retrieve your ID.
  4. Then go back to the login screen from he address above and hit "Forgot password".
  5. Then go check your email and you will have the ID and password to login.
  6. If this doesn’t retrieve your account you will have to call Plexus Customer Service at (480) 998-3490 and they would be happy to help you with retrieval and payment of your AWH fee.

Once you have been able to login, you want to double check that your Annual Renewal is up to date. If not, you will need to pay the $34.95 Annual Fee to continue to get wholesale pricing.

If your AWH button will be RED if you are not current. To pay it simply click on the RED button and submit payment. Once this is paid you will be able to order products again at WHOLESALE PRICING!!!

Not Interested in Renewing?

Talk to your sponsoring Ambassador (or request info from Angela angelaBplexus@gmail.com) on how to downgrade your membership to customer status. We want to meet you where you are with the products and we're here to help!