by Thor Grotenhuis

Just what is it?

Everyone is dependent on everyone else


Here is how and why Geography impacts where people live:

The climate and weather has a huge affect on how people live. In some areas that have snow, there are snow plows, but in areas that don’t get snow, there aren’t any since there would be no point and it would just be a waste of money. Sometimes certain jobs require people to move to a different state or area due to a need of that profession in that area. Where these people live is sometimes relevant to whether they want to live in an area that is cold or warm, like if someone wants to live in Minnesota because it gets cold in the winter or if another person wanted to live in Florida because it is very warm during Winter.

Globalization: Just what is it?

Globalization is the communication between countries around the world. As with many things, there are positives and negatives toward globalization. Here is just a few:


  • Increases trade and makes better economy.

  • Outsourcing jobs makes products cheaper

  • Outsourcing brings more jobs in later


  • Outsourcing jobs means less jobs in U.S. at that moment

  • Claims to “make rich richer and make poor poorer”

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Colgate Toothpaste

As with many products, Colgate has a long process of going from simple materials to the product I have today. In the map below, it shows the farms, factories, markets, and stores in which Colgate is made, assembled, distributed, and sold respectively. The green dots represent the farms and factories in which the toothpaste is assembled. The red dots show the distribution and trade of the products. The yellow dots mark the markets in which the companies collect the toothpaste and distribute it across the stores of its country. The arrows, based on the key in the lower left hand corner, show whether the trade and distribution is upstream or downstream and where it is going.

Problems With My Product

As with all things in life, there are things that are just too good to be true. Below are the four parts of Globalization in which Colgate creates problems with:

  • Environmental: Even though Colgate is an American based company, many of its farms were outsourced to places such as France and China, meaning that the American farms that produce these resources are not getting as much income as they would if they were all stationed in the U.S. Along with this, the factories making the toothpaste would be polluting the Earth.

      • Technological: For nations that are not as technologically advanced as some, they are not easily able to trade and/or communicate with countries that are highly tech-savvy. This means that produce and trades will be harder to come by, such as toothpaste.

          • Cultural: By outsourcing our farms and factories, we are forcing our products to be made by people who normally can’t afford the product regularly, meaning that we would be almost taunting them about a product they normally can’t buy. Along with this, we would be plopping a factory right into somewhere in said place, but if there isn’t enough space for it, they will likely take something out, and area’s that are old, such as old buildings and parks, would be taken out in place of the factory.

              • Economic: Outsourcing the jobs to other countries takes away those jobs will mean that there are less jobs in the U.S. Outsourcing is also cheaper, meaning that Colgate will sell the products for a cheaper price, bringing less income to sales with the stores as well as less income to the farms and factories making the toothpaste

How to Fix the Economic Problem

  • n order to fix the Economic problem, the ratio of U.S. farms and factories to farms and factories in other countries should be 4:1. That way, Colgate is still saving money by outsourcing their jobs, but we still have quadruple the factories and farms that they have.

How Globalization Relates to Me

  • Globalization relates to me through all of the products in which I buy, whether that be a smartphone, or a car, or clothes, or anything else like that. Even in the food, like Chinese, Italian, German, all of these places have an influence in our society, especially with food.

My products aren’t from the U.S.

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