Egyptian Gods and Their MANY Flaws

By Brenna Sincaglia

The Gods Blessed, but They Also Cursed!

Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses were not very friendly. The ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses still made lots of damage in Ancient Egypt, but always blessed the people of Egypt. One reason the gods and goddesses were not very friendly is the gods and goddesses used people as hosts. Also many hosts had their mind controlled while being hosted and by the god who was hosting that person. Then if the god used the host too long the host would have too much magic inside them and the host would burn to ashes. Another reason is, the gods went against their king the mighty Ra. Ra was banned from his job a long time ago but, the gods were not happy. After Ra returned he returned old,feeble, and not powerful AT ALL! My third reason is the gods are very power thirsty. They loved to show they had power and they always wanted more. They showed their strength not wisdom and fought each other a lot! Two ideas that strongly suit my opinion are that Egyptian gods and goddesses were not friendly that many innocent people died while being a host. The gods also fought each and pushed one another deeper into the daut. I still think that the gods and goddesses are not friendly and I hope you think that too.