Sequencing Newsletter

By: Zoey Laipple


What is perseverance? Perseverance is fighting to succeed in something that one has failed numerous times in. It is never giving up despite difficulties or hardships you run into. In order to persevere through difficulties one has to have patience and strength. One needs to be able to fail over and over again without getting frustrated or giving up. To overcome adversities one needs to never give up. One needs to be brave. After studying all these different examples of perseverance I have found that all these people have gotten through there adversities with courage and persistent. They have all stepped up because they knew what they had to do. They set there mind to accomplish something and that is exactly what they've done. Perseverance takes time and effort. In order to persevere through adversity one needs to fight for themselves and for what is right.

Compare and Contrast Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Sutton

Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Sutton were featured in an ESPN documentary called “Carry On,” about their inspiring life story and the adversities they faced. Leroy Sutton and Dartanyon Crockett have both faced many adversities, but persevered through them. These two “brothers” have faced similar problems in life and ended up in different places. These two young men both faced problematic childhoods. Leroy's mother went into drugs, and left him all alone to care for his younger sister. He was soon taken in by his grandparents. Dartanyon’s mother died when he was eight, and his father struggled with drug abuses and alcohol. They have in common that they both have diverse physical disabilities. Leroy was hit by a train at age eleven and is now a double amputee. Dartanyon was born with leber's disease and as a result is legally blind. These two men were similar because they were part of their high school wrestling team, where they each learned to be there for each other. After the wrestling season, both competed in power lifting. Leroy held the Ohio state record in bench press, Dartanyon in dead lift. They both stuck with each other till they end. They were able to help each other in the fields where they needed it the most. However they also had some differences. After graduation, they each went their separate ways. Leroy went to college and soon became a video game designer. He later had a child and became a loving father. Although Dartanyon didn’t go to college, he found his passion in the mixed martial arts of Judo. He triumphed to become a bronze medalist in the 2012 Paralympic games.

Winston Churchill Sequence

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Cause and Effect Eleanor Rosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt has experienced many positive effects on her life. One positive effect is that she realized that she was a very smart, talented women who had potential. This was caused when she was sent to boarding school. Another positive effect is that she became outspoken and got more involved in politics. This was caused when Franklin Roosevelt was diagnosed with polio. She had to step up and become the voice for her husband. She had to become stronger and triumph through her weaknesses for the good of the country. When Franklin died Eleanor became involved in charity and she spoke up for what was right. She became the voice of those who needed one. In conclusion Eleanor has had many positive things happen to her life that has ended in great effects.

Description Eric Legrand

Eric Legrand was a college football player whose career ended because he suffered an injury that paralyzed him from the neck down. His injury has encouraged him to become stronger and braver than he’s ever been. For example he went to physical therapy every day with a positive attitude. He never gave up. He didn’t let his injury change his persona. Another characteristics he has is he is inspirational. For instance he fought to be resilient and recover from his injury even though many told him he couldn’t. He kept up with school and followed his dream to become a football broadcaster. Another characteristic is maturity, which is important because he had to move on from his injury without losing himself. He suffered a terrible injury but with some important characteristics he was able to get through it.

Stephen Cannell Problem and Solution

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In order to overcome adversity one needs to think about what others have done to overcome their own adversities. For instance Eleanor Roosevelt had to overcome her adversity for the sake of the country and for her husband. She had to step up and be the best version of herself in order for the country to recover from Franklin Roosevelt getting polio. One has to be brave enough to attempt to succeed. Although there could be some negative outcomes, one must never give up. Giving up would mean letting ones adversities overcome ones self. Today, there are many different adversity each individual faces. In order to get past these adversities one needs to persevere by being brave and determined.