Altitude Escaping

Altitude Escapers in the Winter Olympucs 2018

Altitude Escaping is a combination between wingsuiting and backcountry skiing. For the first half, wingsuiters fly through the air and have to pass through certain check points. Each wingsuiter has to land in a specific area and hand off a ring to a skier. Next the skier goes down a mountain on a designated path. The skier who skis into the finish line with the best time wins.


Each wingsuiter/flyer must follow a designated path. Off course flying/skiing for more than 5 seconds will result in a disqualification. For every second off course that time will be double and added to final time. Interfering with other racers or starting early will result in a disqualification.

Skiers will have 5 seconds off of course skiing at one time and if over they are disqualified. All of the time off course will be doubled and added to final time at the end of the race.

Why should Altitude escaping be in the Olympics?

Snow skiing is already one of the most popular events in the Winter Olympics. People will love backcountry skiing even more alongside with another heart racing sport watched by thousands of people called wingsuiting. Why not have both of these combined? This fast paced, dangerous, exciting, and adrenaline rushing event will attract many more viewers to the next Winter Olympics.

Sweepstakes contest/ Sponsors

Why would they be likely sponsors of your new spor/event?

K2 - K2 is a company that sells skiing equipment and they look for sports similar to skiing such as altitude escapers to sponsor. Athletes in altitude escapers use similar equipment to the equipment K2 sells, so viewers of our sport that are also athletes of this category will take in consideration their product.

Sunshine Factory - Sunshine Factory is a company that provides parachute gear to the world. We picked this company as our sponsor because like K2, they provide similar equipment that we use in altitude escapers for the first half of our sport. A lot of our athlete viewers as well as future altitude escapers will want to buy their product.

eHealthInsurance - Although altitude escaping and other sports require safe equipment to reduce the chances of getting hurt, athletes should always know that health insurance is a good idea. eHealthInsurance guarantees to pay for every hospital bill that might come in their way when they're in need. Athletes will keep in mind that this is a safe choice.

Red Bull - Red Bull is an energy drink that obviously gives people energy. Given the energy nature of the drink, "that gives you wings", they are going for a market such as an audience that lives for high energy and adrenaline - "extreme" sports. Altitude escapers is not an easy sport that takes a lot of energy and strength; red bull will have a good outcome sponsoring us.

Chevy - Chevy is a company that sells cars, mainly pick-up trucks. People who buy pick-ups trucks are usally "tough-like people that don't like average." Altitude escapers fit in this category, so they both somewhat target the same audience.

Para-Gear - ParaGear has similar equipment to altitude escaping, so our athlete viewers and fans of altitude escapers will be intrigued by the idea that they can buy the similar equipment as our professional athletes.

Does it matter wether people are tuning in to watch this new event?

It's very important to be watching altitude escapers on February 9, 2018 to get the phone number to call and win a trip for 2 to Vancouver, Canada!

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Target Market

Our target market is any competitive sports fan who loves the fast pace adrenaline rush that altitude escaping will bring. Mainly any person from the ages of 12-50 due to the fact of kids loving sports and middle aged men/women who love to ski or skydive. Other viewers that would not be a part of our target market would still watch this even because snow skiing is a very popular sport and everyone loves to see their country win!