Is Alien Life Possible?

What evidence do we have on them?

We don't have much evidence on Aliens but we have theories. Just know the universe is HUGE! and Alien life is very possible.
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What Evidence Do we Have on Them?

We don't really have evidence we have strong theories but that doesn't mean there all true. One of the theories is if theirs water theirs a chance of life, but not exactly because of the atmosphere and other defects. Also there are dozens of plants and moons that have water on there surface.
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Where in the Universe Could Alien Life be Possible?

We don't really know but we know places where they could be. Scientist believe any place with water is a good sign of life. but that doesn't mean little green men it means microbes and other bacteria's.

We have been trying to receive alien messages for a long time. But scientist believe our brains aren't advanced enough to hear the message and we have sent messages into space but its very dangerous to do that because if other super civilizations hear it they could probably destroy us.

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