French Revolution and Napoleon

Alphabet Book Steps

Students will select 15 different topic words/concepts. Write a short description about the the topic word. Remember your description should be about the topic word/concept.
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Login onto your Google Account

Username: firstname.last name Example: charlie.brown

Password: first name and lunch number Example: charlie456987

Using Google Slides

Go to the waffle and select Slides name the file: FirstinitialLastname (MRobinson-French Revolution & Napoleon ABC Booklet

First Slide Should Include

Cover of your book.

-title of the book, your name, and date.

-Insert an image on your front cover

How to Insert Images

Select Tools on the menu bar

Select research-panel opens on the right

Select images-type title of image you want in box

Select picture-click and drag image onto slide

Second Slide

Table of Content with hyperlinks

Use text box to type letters and word(s)

-To hyperlink table of contents

Highlight text

Left click insert on menu bar

Select link

Select slides in this presentation

Scroll to slide that matches selected text

Click apply, should turn to a hyperlink

Put home button on each page as you go so you can go back to table of contents page.

Slides 3-29

-Use word art to insert letter

-Use textbox to type word that matches the letter on the page

-Insert images

-Insert home button on each page

You may type word “home” or use an image

Picture-remove website hyperlink first

How to create a Home Button

Select image for home button

Select insert on the menu bar

Select link

Select slides in this presentation

Select table of contents