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Est. 1680

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Originally, Swedish, Dutch, and English settlers established trading settlements in the area now known as Pennsylvania. However, Pennsylvania did not gain colonial status until the land was given by the British king to William Penn, who was a member of the Society of Friends a.k.a. Quakers, as tribute to pay off the debt owed to his family.

A Proprietary Colony Located in the Middle Colonies Near New York, Virginia, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware

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  • It was originally inhabited by Native American tribes.
  • In 1608, John Smith, an Englishman, visited Pennsylvania.
  • In 1609, Henry Hudson laid claim to land in Pennsylvania for the Dutch.
  • In 1638, The New Sweden Company chartered land in Pennsylvania as The Colony of New Sweden at Fort Christina.
  • In 1643, Governor Johan Printz built Fort Elfsborg and Fort New Gothenburg.
  • Pennsylvania was gifted as a charter to William Penn in 1680 as a place where he may seek religious freedom.
  • Penn made a treaty with Leni Lenape to purchase his grant of land from Lenape's tribe, although this was not required.
  • In 1682, Philadelphia was established.
  • Also in 1682, the first constitution of Philadelphia, the Frame of Government, was established.
  • The second Frame of Government was approved in 1683.
  • The Charter of Privileges was established in 1701.

Key Pennsylvanians

  • William Penn- Proprietor and Founder; member of the Society of Friends
  • Benjamin Franklin- Printer, Publisher, Inventor, Scientist, Educator, Politician, Diplomat, and Post-Master General
  • Daniel Boone- Learned from Native Americans and became a frontiersman

Impact of Geography On Economic Development

  • Abundance of Woodlands: provides timber, which is a foundation for industry
  • Arable Land: allows agricultural products, such as wheat, corn, and rye, to be grown and harvested for trade
  • Access to Major Rivers: allowed ship-building to become a major industry and gave the colony access to trade routes
  • Natural Deposits of Iron: allowed industries, such as guns and infrastructure, to grow

For Religious Freedom and a Strong Economy, Pick Pennsylvania!