Padbury Newsletter

Issue #7 - 16 May 2019

May - The Month of Mary

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16 May 2019 - Boy Choir Years 4, 5, 6 @ 8:15am / Pre-Primary ANCHWA Hospital Incursion / Winter Inter School Sport @ 1pm

17 May 2019 - Merit Award Assembly @ 2:30pm

20 May 2019 - Guitar Club Years 4, 5, 6 @ 8:20am

21 May 2019 - Year 1 Liturgy @ 11:15am

22 May 2019 - Girl and Boy Choir Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 @ 8:15am

23 May 2019 - Boy Choir Years 4, 5, 6 @ 8:15am / Winter Inter School Sport @ 1pm

24 May 2019 - Pupil Free Day

25 & 26 May 2019 - Confirmation Commitment Masses

26 May 2019 - National Sorry Day

27 May 2019 - Reconciliation Day / Guitar Club Years 4, 5, 6 @ 8:20am

28 May 2019 - Kindy Priest Visit @ 11am

29 May 2019 - Girl and Boy Choir Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 @ 8:15am / Board Meeting @ 5:30pm / P&F Meeting @ 7pm

30 May 2019 - Boy Choir Years 4, 5 and 6 @ 8:15am / Winter Inter School Sport @ 1pm

31 May 2019 - National Sorry Day - Year 5 Assembly @ 2:30pm


Dear Parents,

It has been a wonderful start to Term Two at Padbury Catholic. Our Mother's Day Breakfast was very well attended, and what a spectacular event it was! There were a huge number of parents in attendance and everyone certainly seemed to enjoy the morning celebrating our very special mothers. A HUGE thank you to the P&F Team of Kylie, Deb, Chimika, Kari and Erin who put a lot of time and energy into preparing this wonderful event - it looked (and tasted) sensational. Thank you to all who had a hand in organising this event, including our fantastic dads who were working hard in the kitchen all morning!

The Year One Mother's Day Assembly was a funny and heartwarming way to celebrate Padbury mums - and all in attendance thoroughly enjoyed this assembly. I thank the Year One students, and their teachers, Mrs Rachel Wood and Mrs Natalie Millar, for the time and effort they spent preparing such a fantastic assembly item.

In the Month of May we celebrate Mary, the mother of Jesus. Mrs Woodall has been working with the Year Six Spiritual Ministry to provide our students some time to pray to Mary throughout this month. More information can be found further in this Newsletter.

As always there has been a lot of publicity surrounding NAPLAN Online this week. As you are aware, this year Padbury Catholic is completing the NAPLAN tests online. Our first test was held on Tuesday, and though the media reported 'classroom chaos,' with some major issues at some schools, at Padbury we did not experience these issues. The testing generally has been very smooth, with no technical issues, and the students have enjoyed completing the testing on their iPads.

Year Five and Six Winter Interschool Sport starts today, with Padbury competing against Whifords Catholic, St Luke's and St Mark's in football, soccer, netball, touch rugby and hockey. The fixtures will run for four weeks, every Thursday afternoon, and culminate in a Lightning Carnival. We wish all of our Year Five and Six students the best of luck as they compete in their chosen sport.

I wanted to highlight a few of the outstanding initiatives that our students currently have the opportunity to participate in at Padbury.

  • Every Monday afternoon after school, over 40 students from Years Five and Six participate in Coding Club - where they explore different types of coding, including robotics. Staff volunteer their time each Monday afternoon to guide the students through their exploration of different coding platforms. This program is running throughout Terms Two and Three. I thank Mrs Deb Barry for her coordination of this wonderful initiative, and the large number of staff who are supporting this program.
  • Students are being provided an opportunity to participate in the Padbury Lego Masters Competition, which runs at recess time once a week for small groups of students. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to show their creativity and use their imagination and construction skills. You can find more information further in this Newsletter. I thank Mr Matt Nettleton for his organisation of this exciting competition.
  • We have a range of wonderful sustainability initiatives that operate throughout the school, including chickens, gardens, recycling, waste-free Wednesdays and much more. These are invaluable opportunities for our students to understand and appreciate the importance of sustainability practices in our community and world. More information can be found further in this newsletter. I thank Ms Stephanie Wilson for her coordination of these initiatives.
There are many more examples of these initiatives that run at Padbury throughout the year and I thank the staff at Padbury for the extra time, effort and care they put into providing these opportunities for our students.

A reminder that next week - Friday 24th May - is a Pupil Free day for students. Staff will be at school participating in Professional Development.

Mrs Margaret Williamson returns from leave and will be back at school for the commencement of Week Five. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff and community for their support over my time in the Acting Principal role, particularly Mrs Megan Woodall who has been an invaluable support in the Acting Assistant Principal role.

Have a wonderful fortnight ahead and I look forward to seeing you around the school.

Mr Ryan von Bergheim

Acting Principal




The Year 6 Spiritual Ministry will be running rosary sessions in the prayer garden for all classes from Pre Primary to Year 6 across the month of May. Students will be given the opportunity to bring flowers for Mary and to pray a decade of the rosary with their class mates in our beautiful school prayer sanctuary. Yesterday it was the turn of the Year 3 classes.


This week the Year 6 students and their parents are taking part in Confirmation workshops at the parish lead by catholic speaker Mario Borg. It is a great opportunity for parents, students, school and parish to come together during this important time of preparation for the sacrament. We pray for our Year 6 students and their teachers and families during this important time.

A reminder that Confirmation Commitment Masses are being held on the weekend of the 25th and 26th of May. Students involved in this Sacrament are required to attend one of these Masses. If you have any queries please see your classroom teacher.

Reach out with Love

Preparations are currently underway for our Reach out with love campaign for 2019. This year we will be focussing our attention on providing items of warm clothing for children in need with our ‘Winter Woolly’ Appeal. Classes will be asked to collect different items such as socks, blankets, beanies and warm pyjamas for less fortunate children in our community. Look out for more information that will be coming in soon.


Please find included below a CEWA (Catholic Education Western Australia) brochure outlining the role our system plays in the education of WA children and young people, while also providing information on some of CEWA's key initiatives and guiding principles.

Have a wonderful fortnight. God bless.

Megan Woodall

Acting Assistant Principal



What a jam packed start to the Kindy term as we welcomed our exploration of farm life and celebrated our Mothers by preparing a special afternoon tea. This term we have immersed ourselves into the world of farming as we set up our own farmhouse and have been busy working on our farm chores. We have headed to the school chicken coop and discovered many interesting facts about eggs of all shapes and sizes, and also delved into factual books and discovered the differences in storybooks.

The Kindy children have also celebrated their Mums with a special afternoon tea which included cooking scones, making place mats, cards, presents and a very special singalong with our Kindy classmates.

We look forward to offering your more insight into our Kindy program in our next newsletter.

The Kindy Team

Early Years Matter

Once again we had another wonderful turn out to our Early Years Matter presentation offered by Dr Casey Ashby on supporting self regulating behaviour in our young. Dr Casey provided us with simple tools that we could apply to our responses to children when meltdowns do occur and that these are not out of the ordinary, but part and parcel of the ways in which we work through the stages of resiliency and emotional intelligence.

3 simple strategies:

A (Acknowledge) - validate their emotions

C (Connect) - to the feeling and how they are responding

T (Teach) empower the change through teaching and negotiating

A powerful sharing offered by Dr Casey was a true and powerful reflection of the word discipline and how often it can be misinterpreted.

"Discipline means to teach not punish."

An insight was also offered in the top 10 skills for future employment with careers and jobs success where the offerings of this presentation are in the forefront.

A big thank you to Dr Casey Ashby for your support on the night and once again providing invaluable insight for us all on this very important topic and the reminder of how we can all work together to bring out these qualities in our students.

Ms Natasa Bebich

Kindy Teacher

Easter Raffle

Congratulations to all the winners of the Easter Raffle. A huge thank you to the Year Six families for their generosity in donating the Easter eggs. We would also like to thank the Year Six students for their hard work selling tickets, and to Mrs Jayawardene who helped put the hampers together. In total, we raised around $1400. What a great community we have here at Padbury!

Mr Matt Nettleton, Mr Mark Randazzo and Mrs Sarah La Galia

Year Six Teachers

Lego Masters

This term we are running Lego Masters here at Padbury during recess. Each year level have been allocated 8 invitations to join the competition. Lego is an opportunity to use your imagination, express your creative skills and work collaboratively with your peers to achieve set tasks. So far, we have had the Year 1 students do an amazing job at designing a zoo enclosure which contained an animal. It has been great fun and I look forward to working with students from each year level throughout the term.

Mr Matt Nettleton

Year 6 Teacher

Waste Free Wednesdays

Every Wednesday we are running Waste Free day at school. Our waste free lunch program educates students about where our waste ends up and how we as individuals, can reduce the amount of waste we generate and send to landfill. Waste free lunches encourage the first step in the waste hierarchy - AVOIDING waste.

Battery Recycling

Did you know that the materials inside batteries can be recycled? Don't put them in your bin as they end up in landfill which is not good for the environment. Please send used batteries to class 5W near the sports shed. These are picked up by Mindarie Regional Council each term.

Lead acid batteries, such as car batteries, laptop computer batteries and mobile phone batteries cannot be collected. Please contact your local council for details of how to dispose of these batteries. Please see Miss Wilson if you have any recycling enquiries.


In order to keep tabs on what the school chickens are being fed, please refrain from bringing scraps to school and feeding them. The Environmental Ministry students are now feeding the chickens scraps from the children at lunch time. The chickens are also fed a seed mix daily. Please do not leave bags of food scraps by the chicken coop gate. If you have any queries or suggestions in relation to the chickens, please see Miss Wilson in class 5W.


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Parent Workshop - Protective Behaviours

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Woolworths Earn & Learn

It's on again school community! Let's get collecting for our school. Stickers or completed sheets can be placed in the collection box inside the school office or in the box outside Woolworths Whitfords. This promotion finishes next month 25th June 2019.

Extraordinary Father's League

Late in Term One the Extraordinary Father's League bravely held their first Dads and Daughters Hair Salon. Expertly and patiently instructed by school mum's Vicky Kay and Laurie O'Sullivan and ex-PCPS mum Alia Marzo, the dad's gained new skills and spent some valuable time with their precious girls.

EFL Friday Night Footy

Richmond vs Geelong on the big screen

June 7th 5.30pm

School Hall

Cost: $10 includes Pizza and snacks

BYO drinks

Tickets will be available on shortly. Keep a look out on the P&F and EFL facebook pages for when it goes live!!!

School Disco

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Recovering from Loss & Grief

In our endeavour to stay strong, faithful to the Gospel and to our community life, we are hosting a prayerful evening of healing and remembrance on Wednesday, 29th May at 7pm here in the church led by Rev Sister Kerry Wilson, Mr Derek Boylen and Mrs Andrea Musulin. Please plan to join us and invite your family and friends to come along. Join us in the parish centre for a cuppa after the service.

Mass Times

Our Lady of the Mission Church

270 Camberwarra Drive Craigie, WA, 6025

Email: Phone: (08) 9307 2776

Weekend Masses

Saturday – 8.30am; 6.30pm
Sunday – 8.00am; 9.30am; 11.00am; 5.45pm

Weekday Masses

Monday – 7.00am & 9.00am (Chapel)
Tuseday – 7.00am & 9.00am (Chapel)
Wednesday – 7.00am (Chapel); 9.00am (Church)
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