Exciting News!!

WOW is here!

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Results are Temporary, Benefits are Lasting

Ever wish you could erase those fine lines on your face, even if for a little while? I know I often wake up with puffy eyes, which causes the wrinkles around them to look deeper. On those mornings especially, I sure wish I had something that could reduce the puffiness and lines. Now, I finally have it! It Works! just launched an amazing new product that can reduce the appearance of lines for up to 10 hours! Not only that, but many of the ingredients in WOW provide lasting benefits to the skin. It has peptides, Vitamin C, and proteins to help reduce hyper-pigmentation and promote collagen and elastin production. Over time, you should see long-term improvements in your skin.

WOW can be used all over the face, and even helps firm saggy neck skin. Each box comes with 30 individual packets so that you can use daily if you want. The retail price on WOW is $77, but as a loyal customer you can get it for only $46. If you don't remember how to sign into your account, contact the distributor who signed you up or respond to this email.

Check out this video to see a live demo, and for use instructions.

We Appreciate You!

If you're receiving this newsletter it means that at one point you signed up as a loyal customer with It Works Global. Our natural plant-based line of health, slimming and anti-aging products have a reputation for giving dramatic results. From whole food supplements to amazing skin care, we believe that if you try and use them consistently for at least 3 months, you'll want to use them for life! AND customers who order on a regular basis earn an average of $250-300 a year in free products. If you're no long ordering, we'd love to have you back. Just email us, and we'll help you get set up for the free products.

Please know that we are so grateful for your business, and want to help you on your journey to better health. Your purchases also help support many worthy causes, such as: Selah Freedom (dedicated to stopping human trafficking), Children's Cup (hunger relief), and Called to Peace Ministries (transitioning families out of crises such as domestic violence).

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