Police Brutality

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It is a national issue that police officers tend to abuse their power to an extent.

What Happened In Ferguson? : Cause And Effect

What Happened In Ferguson?

Micheal Brown, an unarmed black teenager, was shot and killed on August 9, 2014 by a white police officer named Darren Wilson in Ferguson. On a warm August morning , a young man named Micheal Brown was caught on surveillance camera stealing some cigarettes."Surveillance shows Mr. Brown stealing some cigarillos". Officer Wilson spotted the suspect and started pursuing Mr. Brown on foot. What would you do if you were watching this drama unfold right before your eyes? Mr. Brown stops and turns around as Officer Wilson stops too. Then, when Mr. Brown started walking towards Officer Wilson, he was shot several times leaving him fatally wounded.

As news of this case spread "The decision not to indict Mr. Wilson set off a wave of anger among those who had gathered outside the Ferguson Police Department. As the day continued, buildings and vehicles were set on fire. Also, people hurled rocks at the parked police cruisers(NY Times).


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Another Day, Another Sickening New Video Of Police Brutality

A New York City police officer was seen punching and beating a man who greeted the officers with his hands up.The incident started when Jennings and another man tried to buy two slices of pizza but, they found out that they were a dollar short.What would you do if you had extra money to give to a stranger? "After Jennings left, the other man allegedly pulled out a switchblade and told the employee that they weren't going to pay for the pizza. Then both men fled". Police tracked and found Jennings at another store, where the confrontation began.

On July 7, the video of the confrontation showed Thomas Jennings standing in a convenience store raising his hands in surrender. As a police officer approached with a baton in one hand, he pushed him back with the other, while a second police officer rushes in and starts punching Jennings in the head. They handcuffed him, while one officer hits him in the back with a baton and uses his elbow to drive Jennings face into the counter. (Vicens,1)


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South Carolina officer is charged with murder of Walter Scott

A white police officer in North Charleston, was charged with murder after a video surfaced showing him shooting and killing an unarmed black man, while the man ran away.The devastating drama, unfolded when officer Slager stopped Walter in his car because the car had a broken taillight."Mr. Scott ran away, and officer Slager chased him into a grassy lot that abuts a muffler shop.Mr.Wilson fired his taser but it did not stop Mr. Scott. Moments later, Officer Slagger reported on the radio:' " Shots fired suspect is down" '.

The South Carolina Law Enforcement division, the states criminal investigate body, began an inquiry into the shooting. The F.B.I and the Justice Department, which has opened an surprising amount of civil rights investigations into the police departments under Mr. Holder, were investigating the unacceptable tragedy. (Schmidit, 2)


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