Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

August 31,2017

What is going on?

Writing: We will learn how to respond to journal prompts as a form of prewriting.

Reading: This week we will DIVE into connections...making sure we are making deep connections to help us understand our story and stay away from surface connections that might distract our thinking.

Math: We will start our unit on place value. Students will work on place value with a variety of hands on activities including Place Value Concentration. Students will solve addition problems and answer showing understanding of place value. Answers will be written in standard, expanded, and written form. A variety of challenging activities will be provided for children with an already good grasp of the concepts.

Science: Classifying Matter…. Students will sort objects by observing physical characteristics such as relative mass, relative temperature, texture, flexibility, and whether material is solid or liquid.

This and That

Sept. 1st Assembly- Please drop off backpacks on the porch. Go directly to the cafeteria and find our line.

Sept. 4th Labor Day- Chill time!

Sept. 7th Club Night- 6:00

Sept. 11th Homework officially starts-

Sept. 22nd K-2 Assembly

Thank you very much for all the supplies last week. We had fun using them!

We are needing a few more things for the next two weeks

1 box of popsicles

6 latex free balloons

1 bag of goldfish crackers

1 box of Club crackers

1 box of Graham crackers

1 box of Ritz crackers (Mrs. Kim)

1 box of Cheez-Its (Mrs. Kim)

6 bottles of bubbles

If anyone can please donate. Send me an email. I appreciate your consideration.

There will be a club information night on September 7th at 6 PM- if you are looking for club information, be sure to attend! You do NOT have to attend to sign up for clubs. Registration information will be sent home.

Have a great weekend!