Tigers to Ligers

Rosemary Troutman

About Me

Me - My name is Tim you know, Tim the Tiger. I’m hard to spot since I have stripes. I like to chill in tropical rain forests which is also where I live. You know that soft blanket in everyone's house that’s so soft that you can’t stop feeling it, well… not to brag but… my fur is like that. I’m a really nice guy but for some reason every time I walk up to another cat they always get scared and run away but I’m just guessing that it's probably because I’m the biggest species of the cat family. If you like the color of snow than you’ll really like my underbelly which is white.


You - I’m looking for someone purr-fect. Mostly someone I don’t want to eat, like.... A lion! The lion should be fierce so we can ROAR! I mean hunt together. She should also be fun so that I don’t regret hanging out with a lion when my tiger parents told me I was making a mistake but that’s off topic. She should also have A LOT of fur because everyone likes soft fur and I have lots to spare. The lion should also be a good swimmer because I love swimming. On dinner nights she should like ambar deer, wild pigs, water buffalo and antelope.