George Washington

A Great Leader

George's Young Life

George Washington was a very adventurous and curious child. He took interest in things kids usually wouldn't think about. For example, George went to cooper shops and asked the coopers about their work. He wanted to know more about just about everything. No other kids came to the cooper shop, and that proves how George was the only one interested in this. George stood out from the others, and that is how he was when he grew up. He was very independent. That helped him turn out to be the 1st President.

A Very Important Battle

The Battle of Trenton was a very important war. George was in it, of course. He and his army (The Continental army) were fighting against the Hessian army. The Hessians thought they were safe, because they didn't see any other soldiers. Our army was smart, because they sneaked up behind the Hessians and shot. They weren't suspecting this surprise attack. The Continental army changed the way battles were fought. We still fight the same way they did back then. It made our army more successful. Unfortunately, once the other soldiers and Generals found out our strategy, they decided it was a good idea. Therefore, they used this attack too. It made us weaker.

Home Sweet Home

After long and harsh wars, George got tired of fighting. He was also getting a bit too old for the job of a Commanding General. George decided that he would go back home to Mount Vernon. Finally back where he belonged, George got right back to making tobacco and farming. He knew it was the right decision to come back home. It was WAY more peaceful than hearing gunshots every two seconds. Mount Vernon was a great place compared to Valley Forge, which was a place George and his soldiers stayed at during a winter storm that seemed like forever. There, the Continental Army suffered badly. At home, none of this happened. George liked that very much.

The 1st President

After a while, Washington finds out that he was going to run for the 1st President. George knew that people were inspired by him fighting, so they might elect him. Later, George found out the answer. He was officially the 1st President of the United States! George knew that this would be a great experience. He took the job! He knew it was the right decision to come back to Mount Vernon. It was his goal to help people and make a difference, so he could really achieve his goal.


George Washington truly had a story worth telling. He made an unforgettable mark in history. As the first President of the United States of America, anyone could write a report on him. People know he was a very important man and part of our country. For example, I know that George was nervous to be the President because he was going to be the first to experience anything like this. He was going to set a big example for all to see. The story of George Washington shouldn’t be forgotten. He proved that by working hard, you can achieve anything, like being President in this case. It never even dawned on George that he would ever be first President. He was a great President, and no one should forget that. I don’t think George’s story will be forgotten by Americans, because in their History class they will most likely learn about our amazing President. This proves how important he was. That is why George has a story worth telling.

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