Keeping Coaches in the KNOW

May 6, 2016

MISSION: Building capacity in ourselves and others to positively impact student achievement

VISION: We are a professional learning community ensuring high levels of continuous learning for ALL!

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  • Please have your assistant principal record into their inventory the 2nd grade AIRR book, as well as the 5th Grade Teach Transform--Thinking through the Operations book.

IC Meeting Follow-up

Thank you for helping to develop the August PD. A few of us will continue the work and once complete, will send you the final product hopefully before you leave for summer break.

The ToT will be on August 1st. A team from each component (CFA, Small Group-intervention; Small Group-enrichment) of the PD will be created to help facilitate the PD.

IC Academy: July 25 and 26

A warm welcome to our new ICs: Jackie, Jenna, Lauren, Angela, and Lexi. We are glad you joined our team!

Farewell to Shannon, Allison, Susie and Carrie--we will miss each of you! Thank you for your dedication to learning and serving.

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Summer Reading....

What's better than reading a great book on a sandy there anything? Summer is a great time to read all of those books our friends tell us about that aren't related to school. However, every once in a while, it's fun to dig into "school books" that we hadn't gotten to during the school year. Here are some of our favorite pics!


See note regarding LLI data in email with attachment.