No Teacher Left Behind

Developing High Quality Teachers

Best Teaching Practices

All teachers across the country should be using practices that have been demonstrated to promote student learning. There are broad practices that each teacher should be guided by when planning for their classroom as a structure from which to develop. These include being student centered where the environment, routines and role of the teacher all support the needs of the student. Relationships, responsibility and self-drive are important to develop. Planning and teaching should be in line with current standards. Teachers should use strategies and methods of teaching shown to be effective with teaching students. This arsenal of tools should include strategies to adjust teaching for individualized needs and respond to students' learning. Assessments should be used that are useful to guide teaching and to accurately demonstrate whether students are progressing. Students should also be encouraged to develop self-monitoring skills to promote life-long learning. The specific way each school district chooses to implement the practice guidelines should be specific and appropriate for that school and population.

Technology is the New Standard

ISTE Standards for Teachers

Teachers are getting technology and not using it because they don’t know how. We need to provide opportunities so teachers can learn what is available, know how to use technology to support their teaching, and feel comfortable with the process. Expert consultants should be made available to each school throughout the year so that teachers can meet with them. Discussions with the technology consultants would begin with what the teacher wants to teach and how this teaching/skill development can be enhanced by technology. This will lead to what technology to use and how. Trainings need to be specific and meaningful with immediate use in the classroom, followed up by additional hands on support with the technology consultants. Teachers should also be encouraged to join online groups that discuss technology in the classroom or provide links to good educational online activities.

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