By Tommy Jasmine Nathan Christopher R and C Corey

Paul Revere

Paul Revere showed Courage by going to the Boston tea party because he could of got caught and arrested by the British. He also showed courage by going to his midnight ride because he could of got captured or arrested by the British.

Susan B Anthony

She voted even when woman weren't allowed to vote and got sent to the court to pay 100 dollars but refused to pay. She was braver than any other woman. Her bravery made some states stop woman's tolerance.

Franklin D Roosevelt

FDR showed courage when he declared World War 2 because Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. He also showed courage by stepping up when the Great Depression started and helped many people.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt showed courage by going to World War 2 , to visit soldiers that had been injured in war. She worked with president FDR to stop the War. She was a first lady back then so she had a part in government too.

Cesar Chevez

He stood up for farmers rights even though police were trying to arrest him because he was trying to do nonviolent protest and strikes about poison grapes. Cesar's father stood up for migrant workers not setting.