Business Organizations

Ameriss Dudley Devin Gibson 🍭🍹

Business Orgnaizations

  1. Sole Proprietorship- Has a single owner who takes all the risk and receives all the profits. Ex:Pearlys
  2. Partnerships-Divide the risk and profits of a business among two or ore people. Ex:Apple
  3. Corporations- Types of business in which investors own shares of stock and have limited liability .

Ex:Coca cola


  1. Limited Liability- Situation in which a shareholder is not responsible for a corporation's debts.
  2. Unlimited Liability-Situation in which a business owner is responsible for all the business's
  3. Stock-Shares of ownership in a corporation.
  4. Dividend-A shareholder's share of a corporations profit
  5. Board of Directors-People who are elected by shareholders to run a corporation.