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News from Amber

What a fantastic day to be a Warhawk! We have had a wonderful week here in the elementary celebrating the Walk-a-Thon! As Matt will describe in his news, he, myself, Angela, and Lindsey attended a Visible Learning seminar on Monday with John Hattie. It was a tremendous day of learning! On Wednesday and Thursday, Matt and I attended Student-Centered Coaching training. This format for coaching has been made popular through the work of Diane Sweeney. It really takes the coaching model and zeros it in on the reason we all do what we do... the students. We look so forward to working with all of you and have some great conversations around student work and growth in the very near future. We are looking to introduce the Student-Centered Coaching Cycle Model. We are excited to work on forming the Sub-PLC groups centered around your chosen strategy. Have a fabulous weekend and we'll see you on Monday!

News from Matt

Monday, Amber and I attended a Visible Learning workshop, where John Hattie was present to discuss his research and book., Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximizing Impact on Learning. The presentation was chock-full of rich conversation around the effects that increase student achievement, with Angela even commenting that “this was the most impactful PD she has attended!” Hattie’s evidence consists of over 30 years of research of 280,000,000 students, worldwide! What did Amber and I gain? We gained a better understanding of the numbers behind the second goal NM’s Professional Development Plan. Hattie’s book is the building block of NM’s Building Leadership Team, whose members will be branching out and working with subgroups formed by the teaching strategy each and every one of you chose. My favorite quote from John Hattie, on Monday, was “I Don’t care about how you teach, but care about the impact”. We all have different methods of teaching, but ensuring those methods are impactful must be the priority. Amber and I look forward to putting Monday’s learnings into practice!

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Dates to Note

Monday, October 24 - Amber gone for Curriculum Network

Monday, October 31 - Amber gone for Adult Learning Seminar

Wednesday, November 9 - Building Leadership Team Meeting - 3:30 Elem. MRC

Monday/Tuesday, November 7-8 - Matt & Amber gone for NTC Training