M&M Math

5th Grade Graphing

Content Standards

Michigan Department of Education Content Standards:

III. Data Analysis and Statistics Content Standard III,

1: Students collect and explore data, organize data into a useful form, and develop skill in representing and reading data displayed in different formats.(Collection, Organization, and Presentation of Data)

1. Collect and explore data through counting, measuring, and conducting surveys and experiments.

2. Organize data using concrete objects, pictures, tallies, tables, charts, diagrams,graphs.3. Present data using a variety of appropriate representations and explain the mean


  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Technology Operations and Concepts

Instructional Objectives

  • Students will identify and describe the created graphs.
  • Students will create their own graphs using technology.

Brief Summary of Lesson

The teacher will pair the students up and pass out M&M candies to each group.
The students will make predictions on how many M&M candies are in the bag and which color is most present. The students will use the Graph Club software to use the data they collected to create different graphs. The students will then write a paragraph describing their findings and data using the correct language.

Evaluation Plan

The teacher will evaluate the students on the following:

  1. Student titles graph and includes their name
  2. Students labels data horizontally and vertically
  3. Students chooses the correct representation with symbols
  4. Students write a description of the graphing results
  5. Students selects a graph type to match the data (circle, bar, pictograph, line
  6. Students identify and describes the labels on the

Justification of Technology

The Graph Club software offered the students different types to create and gives them the tools to create them with. This technology was the best tool for them because it is interactive and benefits their learning.