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What Are Freckles?

Flat, tan circular spots that are usually no bigger than the size of a common nail. They are more noticeable with the exposure of the sun. Freckles are most commonly on the face, back, chest, and arms.


Interesting Facts!

Genetics Causes Freckles- If one of your parents have freckles, theres a good chance you will to. Heredity is one of the main causes of freckles.

Brown Spots of Freckles Lighten & Darken Naturally- It all depends on the climate your in. If it's summer time, your skin is exposed to sunlight, your freckles will become more darker and noticeable. In winter your freckles lighten, no need to worry about this change!

Freckles Are Harmless- Freckles don't pose a medical concern. Only a beauty problem for some who love to use cosmetics.

Freckles Change With Age- As you grow older your freckles can grow less prominent and visible. Sometimes it could also become more visible and permeant.

There is No One Same Pattern- All freckles are different, just like fingerprints.


What Causes Freckles?

Freckles are caused by the exposure to the sun. The Sun's UV radiation causes melanocytes to produce more melanin. Which causes freckles to appear more frequently and become darker. Freckles are genetic, if one of your parents have freckles there is a good chance you will also. People who have a fair complexion are more likely to have more freckles then someone with a darker complexion, because lighter skin people have less melanin. Melanin is what makes you tan, the more you have the easier it is to get tan. Having fair complexion means less melanin and the sun causes their melanocytes to make more melanin. This causes the develop of freckles instead of getting an even tan like darker complexion people.


Cures/or Treatment

There is now a lot of safe methods out there to get rid of or reduce the appearance of freckles. Freckles can often reappear to repeated UV exposure and not everyone's skin will improve by some of these treatments. The first one is bleaching or fading creams. These products help lighten freckles, you will have to consistently apply the product over a period of months. They are most effective with the combination of avoidance of sun and sun protection. Retinoids is another type of bleaching cream that may help lighten freckles when applied over several months. Cryosurgery is a light freeze with liquid nitrogen can be used to treat some freckles. Sometimes spots don't respond to this form of therapy. Another treatment would be laser treatment. Lasers may help lighten and reduce the freckles safely and efficiently. Like cryosurgery it's simple, it has a high success rate and a low risk to scaring or changing the color of your skin. Photo-facials/Intense Pulsed Light Treatments is another way to lighten and remove freckles. It's not a true laser treatment but has an intense light source. The last way you could treat freckles are chemical peels that could help lighten freckles and they would seem like irregular pigmentation.


Can Freckles Be Transmitted?

Freckles can't be transmitted though touch or by saliva. Freckles are transmitted through genetics. If one of your parents have freckles, theres a good chance you will also. Freckles can't be transmitted through touch because it depends on how much melanin you have in your body and how much exposer to the sun you have.


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