Parkhill Primay School Newsletter

Issue 36, Thurdsay 21 November 2019

Dear Parents/Carers

What a super few days – I would like to thank Liz O’Meara and again the choir for the fun day at Batesford Reserve on Sunday. For those of you who joined us we spent the day at Batesford Family Fun Day making slime and building towers. The afternoon was topped off with yet another fabulous choir performance.

See the choir section below for a snapshot!

Athletics Carnival was a roaring success on Tuesday – I extend a huge thank you to all of the parent helpers and volunteers who came along on the day. Without the support from our community we are not able to run these super days for the children. I would also like to thank Jo Ravida for the time she spent organising the day.

The School Improvement Team has been looking at our school data and developing our priorities going into 2020. The Annual Implementation Plan is developed with staff at this time of the year to drive our development for the following year. I am very excited to share with you the priority areas for 2020. This year our focus areas have been in writing, STEAM and wellbeing.

Our 2020 priorities include writing, maths and communication. These area will include student voice and agency, data driven practices and consistency. Also looking at rolling out our Compass parent portals and strengthening the work we have been doing in wellbeing.

We have spent a long time compiling classes and student placements, which are almost ready!


As we move through term 4 we will start to think about our whole school transition program. Children from each year group will begin to spend time in their next year’s classroom and with the children from that year level learning what it is like! They spend time considering what is the same and what is different. Our new 2020 Foundation students have already started to visit the Foundation classes and new families will be introduced to the goings on at Parkhill. This is indeed an exciting time of the year.

With these transitions comes some level of anxiety and as we know, different children process these changes in different ways. Here are some helpful hints and tips for helping your child work through their anxieties:

1) Encourage your child to face his/her fears, not run away from them.

2) Tell your child that it is okay to be imperfect.

3) Focus on the positives.

4) Schedule relaxing activities.

5) Model approach behaviour, self-care, and positive thinking.

6) Reward your child's brave behaviours.

7) Encourage good sleep hygiene.

9) Help your child to problem solve.

10) Stay calm.

11) Practice relaxation exercises with your child.

12) Never give up!


With lots of parked cars and building works going on we are seeing more and more children squeezing between the cars and scooting over the road. Road safety is super important for our children, especially living in busy fast moving communities like ours. There are some fun and informative games online that will spark some interesting road safety chats with you are your child. Have a look at the site below!

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Please do check out the calendar dates below for the terms events.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Elaine Brady


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Calendar of Curriculum Events

Sunday 24 November - Dads & Kids Sports Day 4.00pm - 6.30pm

Monday 25 November - F/1 CERES Excursion

Wednesday 27 November- Bring it Breaky

Tuesday 3 December - Stargazing at Parkhill

Monday 9 December - Y4 CERES Excursion & Fun, Food & Carols

Tuesday 10 December - Move Up Day

Wednesday 11 December - Awards Assembly (selected students) & Volunteers Morning Tea (details to follow)

Tuesday 17 December - Winning House Lunch

Wednesday 18 December - Y6 Graduation

Thursday 19 December - Y6 Big Day Out

Friday 20 December -Term 4 ends at 1.30pm

Stargazing is on!

Keen stargazers,

Our 3 December stargazing evening is shaping up well. We have volunteers from the Astronomical Society of Victoria joining us to share their knowledge and telescopes for a wondrous guided tour of the stars and beyond. Our stargazing evening will begin at 8:30, and conclude at 9:30, though our volunteers are happy to stay a bit longer if stargazers are keen.

If you are interested, please RSVP using the link:

We will meet at the school oval at 8:30, or drift in anytime before 9:30.

See you there amongst the stars!.

Michelle Smith

Assistant Principal

2019 Yearbook

Pre sales are open for the 2019 Yearbook. Order using the link below to get your Yearbook before they go on sale at Fun, Food & Carols.

Y5 Leadership Day

For the last week, Y5 students have been learning about how to be good leader as they start the task of sitting down to write and practise their leadership speeches.

On Wednesday 20th of November the Y5 students had their leadership day. It started with back to back seminars in the hall by speaker Tim Powell from Values for Life. It was terrific to see many students taking notes and all students participating in the activities. In a nutshell, here are Tim’s suggestions for being a good leader:

  • Don’t be afraid to take risks;

  • All leaders are different. Every individual has their own things to offer and every individual leads in different ways. So just be yourself;

  • If you don’t feel like a leader it doesn’t mean you can’t act like one. Change starts in small ways. Starting to do small things will change to big things over time.

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The second part of the day was conquering the 1000 steps. The challenge was for all students in Y5 to climb to the top while keeping hold of their rope. All students had to move at the same pace. If one stopped, all stopped. If one stumbled and tugged the rope, everybody felt it. So while the challenge was a physical one, it was also one of listening, patience, resilience, communication and teamwork.

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I’m thrilled to report that all students conquered the 1000 steps together. That means every single student kept pace with one another. So the first challenge is over. We did it. Everybody aced it.

The next challenge is the speeches.

Dora Handby

Y5/6 Teacher

Y6 Metro Trains - Transition Incursion

It was great for our Y6 students to catch up with David Hogarty from Metro Trains as a part of their transition program. Today’s session was a refresher on how to use public transport safely. This information will be useful to students as they move on to high school and start making their way independently to and from school.

David worked with students on the Miki payment system and when to touch on and off on all types of public transport. He also demonstrated how to plan trips using the Public Transport Victoria website and students had an opportunity to plan their own trips, using the system.

Andrea Crane

Y5/6 Teacher

Help in the Library Required

Do you love to cover books?

We have some wonderful new books just waiting to hit the shelves!

There will be a working bee in the library on Thursday 5 December at 1.30pm.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Choir Connections

The confidence of our Parkhill choir students continues to grow with another fabulous performance at the Batesford Reserve Community Day.

Over 30 of our choir members sang our two Indigenous songs, Purple People Eater and Choir to a large audience. The weather was perfect and the crowd gave a rousing applause for our choir students. We were so proud of all our choir students, it takes courage to sing in public and they truly supported each other and displayed all the values of Parkhill students, working together as a team.

We would also like to extend a very big thank you to all of the choir community for coming along and supporting Parkhill on the day and to Michelle Smith for her fabulous clave playing during Innany.

Is that it for choir this year?

Most certainly not!

Rehearsals continue this Friday as we prepare for Fun, Food and Carols on the 9th December.

We are also planning an end of year choir party during our usual rehearsal time on Friday 13th December where we will welcome parents to stay and share a plate of food as we celebrate the wonderful year we have had. Stay tuned for more details in upcoming newsletters and on Facebook.

If you have any questions on the above please don’t hesitate to contact Kirsten


Marinda and Kirsten

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Our Final Bring It Breaky for 2019

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PFA News

Committee Members

Office Bearers:

President: Vanessa Cowley

Vice President: George Andrakakos

Treasurer: Sumi Sundram

Secretary: Nadine Phillips

Committee Members:

Shadow Treasurer: Fiona Crellin

Communications: Eva Conley

General Members:

Jason Van Lint, Elle Delmee, Mark Havas, Lisa Jacobson, Wendy Douglas, Janneke Storteboom, Leanne Knight, Kylie Touloupis, Donna Edwards, Katrina Battle

If you would like to be on our email distribution list and receive communication and minutes from our meetings please email

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Our aim is to reach $12 000! So far, $9 997 has been raised! Which is AMAZING.

The cut off date for donations is Friday 22nd November. After this an email will be sent with an online form for your child to choose their prize.

You will have until Friday 29th November to choose the fundraising thank-you prize. The class with the most donations also gets a class prize! F/1C is still in the lead!!!!!!

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A BIG thank you goes to Vanessa and all of the volunteers who helped with the day (too many to mention, you know who you are), setting it up, spraying kids with colour, putting together websites and filling bottles with dye!!!!! It was a huge success and the kids absolutely loved it. It was an absolute joy to see their happy faces run around the course covered in coloured dye!


Would you like to hold a stall at this years Fun, Food and Carols? If you are interested in selling homemade goods, craft, 3D printed items, fresh produce, food, anything at all secure your spot now! It costs $30 to have a food stall, $20 for a non-food stall and $10 to run a stall if you are a student. If you are interested, please email the PFA and a full information sheet will be sent to you.

CAKE STALL at Fun, Food and Carols

There will be a PFA cake stall at Fun, Food and Carols. If you are a keen baker of cup cakes, cakes or other treats, grab a cake pack (to put your homemade goods into). Ava Morrin in Y5 will be handing out cake packs after school this Thursday. Alternatively, there will also be cake packs will be left at the office. Please drop off your cakes staffroom on Monday 9th December.

SOME ONLY DREAM OF CUPCAKES - others bake it happen!

Another thank you goes out to the amazing cupcake stall bakers this week. They are Donna, Elle, Helen, Julie, Kylie B, Kylie T, Leanne, Marinda, Megan B, Nadine, Pia and Sumi. THANK YOU!

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VOLUNTEERS DRINKS - Save the date - Thursday 5th December

Have you baked a cupcake for the stall? Or helped out a Mother’s or Father’s day stall? Or cooked a sausage at the Bunnings BBQ or at school? Well, it is time to celebrate the volunteers with some end of year drinks at the Nottinghill Hotel on Thursday 5th December. An invite will be sent out soon.

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The PFA is looking for items for the Christmas Raffle. If you would like to donate, please hand them into the office or email the PFA l

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