The Library @ MMRHS

First Quarter Report 2012-2013

A few statistical highlights from the First Quarter:

STUDENT USAGE: 6965 students came into the library this quarter, up from 6239 last year.

CLASS USAGE: 124 classes signed up to use the library this quarter, down from 169 last year.

CIRCULATION NUMBERS: 727 Books circulated, 778 Netbooks circulated

The Library is now on Twitter: @mmrhslibrary. Library photos, study hall openings, and other library news tweeted out daily.


Overall, class visits to the library were done this quarter from last year. The English Department remains the biggest user of the library with 66 visits this year (down from 82 last year). Most other department usage were around the same as last year, with the exception of Social Studies, which had a dramatic drop in library usage from 45 visits last year to only 15 this year.

However, added to the library collection this year was a mobile laptop cart that can be signed out by teachers to use in their classrooms. This cart was signed out 40 times this quarter, of those times, 29 were to the Social Studies department, so that may account for their drop in library usage. The other sign-outs were all to the English department, which may also explain the drop in their usage.