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Notes - 5/29/13

I had a reader ask for Information about the Notes feature in OWA. After doing some research, I have found that the Notes feature is completed disabled in the Web version of Outlook which we are currently using. But there are some alternatives.

So what is the Notes Feature you might ask. Notes allows you to jot down Notes on colored Sticky notes and keep them within Outlook. You can make them anywhere and they are completely searchable. Have a brilliant idea while you are checking email? Need to remind yourself of a meeting? Remind yourself of something for long range planning? Jot it down in a note.

So you might be saying to yourself right now.....when I go to my Outlook, I see a Notes!!
Yep there it is! But when you click on it it, the Notes functions more like a folder than a place to take sticky notes. You can write new messages (emails) or set up Meeting Requests (calendar) in Notes. You can also move emails into Notes just like you would move them to another folder.
This idea of taking notes is a pretty functional one. Is there something that functions like Notes available to me?

I found this great article on MSOutlook.info that talks about 2 alternatives - Tasks within Outlook and One Note. I personally use the Tasks myself and find that feature very useful. I talked a little about Tasks when I wrote about Flagging Emails.

Will I Ever Be Able to Use the Notes Feature?

The client version offers you the ability to take Notes along with a few other features, but it chains you to one computer to access your email.

Currently - I'm not aware of any decision/timeline that we will move from the Web App to the Client version. We will have to wait and see if/when this change might occur.